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  1. A Cats

    A Cats Terrarian

    The Ultraconyx Mod is a mod for tModLoader, containing 10 bosses and quite a few items.
    This mod is cancelled and will only be receiving bugfixes and resprites

    Multi-purpose discord for all of my mods:



    Finished, just very unbalanced and all around bad

    Flies around like a Wyvern, shooting cultist attacks and summoning Wyverns.
    Has an eye which will attack you similar to spazmatism. Once the main boss goes below half it will gain new abilities like shooting fireballs and lasers
    Screenshot (42).png

    5 main parts: solar, vortex, nebula, stardust and luminite.
    The luminite is in the middle and the others are around it. They shoot their respective projectiles and summon their respective enemies
    Screenshot (45).png

    Shoots lasers and summons minions, charges sometimes. When below half hp, lasers can shoot in a spread and shoots scythes sometimes
    Screenshot (44).png

    Acts like the destroyer but very fast. If you hit a segment too much it will temporarily go invulnerable. If this happens too much it will go permanently invulnerable (both can't happen to the head as otherwise the boss could become completely invincible)
    Shoots more types of projectiles as it gets lower. Charges faster as it gets lower
    Screenshot (46).png

    Charges the player like a more aggressive destroyer, shoots projectiles from body and different attacks from the head including lasers and a ring of fire
    Screenshot (47).png

    Summons various enemies. When below half health it summons a skeletron head that will shoot projectiles at the player. When killed it will enter phase 2, summoning 2 clones of its self. When going below half hp in this phase it will summon another skeletron head that will shoot a cursed flamethrower and headspin faster. When killed in phase 2 it will regen to half hp and start shooting extra projectiles. After it dies this time, it actually dies

    Upon it's death it causes Very Hardmode
    Screenshot (48).png

    Has 8 arms (2 of each skeletron prime arm, each doing different things eg: Laser Arm 1 shoots a ring of projectiles but not very often, Laser Arm 2 shoots 2 projectiles at a time but quite quickly)
    The head can only take damage once the arms are dead
    The head gets more aggressive and gains new abilities as it's health lowers
    Screenshot (49).png

    A massive fish, alternates between various attacks including fire breath, shooting blasts of 3 fireballs at a time, shooting a bullet hell of blue fire and charging
    Screenshot (50).png

    Phase 1: Charges towards the player, shoots low damage projectiles as it looses health. When it dies, phase 2 spawns
    Phase 2: Only a head, flies towards the player unleashing a barrage of high damage attacks, when below half health it switches to phase 3
    Phase 3: traps the player in a box, starts using bullet hell abilities
    Screenshot (51).png

    All Phases: Summons eyes as it looses health, doesn't allow you to escape the arena (all phases other than phase 4).
    Phase 1: Flies towards the player, shooting various attacks from the head.
    Phase 2: Same as phase 1 but more aggressive
    Phase 3: Looses the ability to fly, only takes half damage, summons rings of projectiles to the center of the arena
    Phase 4: No longer a worm, starts unleashing bullet hell attacks on the player
    Screenshot (52).png

    Chaos Mode is like Expert Mode but worse. Chaos Mode gives every boss new abilities
    Not to be confused with Chaos Mode in Chaotic Uprising which acts similarly to Very Hardmode

    Everything gets buffed, a few new enemies. Similar to hardmode but post-Ultraconyx
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  2. Lord Peredur S.Taralian I

    Lord Peredur S.Taralian I Eye of Cthulhu

    Ok, i'll give it a try (original) and feedback later.
  3. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    Oh wow, I never expected Ultraconyx or you to ever appear in the TCF! Shame the originally is getting cancelled but I do agree it was *highly* unbalanced in alot of areas and the sprites ranged from ok to medicore. I just hope the TCF can look past that to see it from a gameplay perspective.
    Look forward to this reboot though.

    I grant you my formalist of welcomes "A Cat(s)" :)
  4. Wevrand

    Wevrand Terrarian

    Pretty hyped.
  5. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    About time this mod(s) got a forum page

    Good luck with the new mod! It'll be interesting to see how different the two will be balance-wise
  6. Lord Peredur S.Taralian I

    Lord Peredur S.Taralian I Eye of Cthulhu

    Holy :red: i'm in love with this mod and in rage with the Chaos Mode AUHAUHAU, I'm stucked in the brain of cthulu :c
  7. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    You can edit the name by reporting it
  8. brandontsk

    brandontsk Terrarian

    are you ever going to make the mod open source?
  9. A Cats

    A Cats Terrarian

    The new mod is going to be open source, yes
    Don't even think about stealing code though
  10. raιnn

    raιnn Skeletron Prime

    Some people use open source mods to help them code. They use it to get an idea on how to do certain things. Let them use the code, just dont let them take all of the code.
  11. brandontsk

    brandontsk Terrarian

    ok i wanted it to be open source because the wiki is not completed

    edit : i prefer looking through code than the wiki
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  12. raιnn

    raιnn Skeletron Prime

    Code is more complex than you think. It's hard trying to find something you need, unless you know what you're looking for. Trust me, before I learned to code, code was a bunch of bull**** I didnt know how to read.
  13. brandontsk

    brandontsk Terrarian

    i know how to read code but to code something it takes a ridiculous amount of time

    edit: nice mod but you put some description for the stuff or are you making a wiki

    edit: yes it is for the emberland mod
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  14. raιnn

    raιnn Skeletron Prime

    Was the edit for me? If so, yes there will be wiki when Gamepedia accepts my request to make one. But thank you!
  15. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    I don't try to steal code (since I am able to find out how to do things via the TLoader Discord), but it's always nice to learn how someone made something. (So you can replicate your own code, rather than taking what you found and learning nothing)
    At-least this is how I learned, like I took some very basic coding and worked from there.
  16. Astralgeddon

    Astralgeddon Terrarian

    Hey folks, so I have got to the end of this mod (beaten Void Wyvern) and enjoyed it, a few things, beyond making the tester weapons does the "Item thingy" item do anything (drop from void wyvern) when equipped?

    And, how do you get items required to make insanity gems/crystals? They require things like "orb of sight" and other odd sounding items I have yet to acquire. I fought all the vanilla and ultraconyx bosses but many of these items do not seem to drop or spawn, am I in the wrong mode?
  17. A Cats

    A Cats Terrarian

    Enable chaos mode and kill vanilla+ultraconyx bosses
    also item thingy does nothing when it is equipped it is a meme item

    The mod is no longer supported so nothing new will be added
  18. Astralgeddon

    Astralgeddon Terrarian

    Thanks, I thought that was the case and tried it after posting this, finished the mod, thought it was pretty cool actually. Shame it will not be continued, had good ideas. Also there is something about feeling godly with Fargo's Soul of the Universe/Dimensions combined with the Heart of madness and the other Ultraconyx accesory (forget its name) combined.

    The only thing that does squelch instantly even on the hardest modes are the modded bosses that do not have normal tactics (spirit of purity/Rematch and Supreme Calamitas!)
  19. A Cats

    A Cats Terrarian

    The mod was unbalanced, the sprites where horrible and the gameplay was buggy. It isn't really a shame it was cancelled
  20. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    When you compare it against all the other "mod browser only mods", Ultraconyx was still hands down the best, I'm happy it exists and would feel bad if it went private.
    Don't take it so hard man, you want to remake it better and that's an admirable action, but I personally enjoyed the bosses here alot. Only means the remake will be that much better :D

    Or maybe I'm saying thanks for making one of the hardest bosses in modded Terraria!