The Unreal_Megashark's (or Mecha_Twitchy's) AMA


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Hi y'all, I did it. Finally. So this is a thing now.
A few rules:
Nothing inappropriate
Not too much casual talk if possible, try to limit to questions.

Don't expect for me to answer every question every day, I'm not always online.
have fun! :3


sorry for no reply I forgot to watch the thread.
What is your opinion on long acronyms?
Well, they are ok I guess. I'm in the air force, so I'm used to acronyms, like FLTLT (flight lieutenant).
Do you watch Gwar Gura?
no, I don't really watch anything except Youtube...
Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Cats all the way. Anything that is feline, I am a fan for. The only dogs I like are Cavoodles and Frenchies.


Any suggestions for things to try out?
people might judge me for saying this, but take a moment in a quiet, comfortable room to try and think very, very deeply about something. When you are done thinking, write down everything you though of on paper, and save it. Come back to it a day or two later and review your thoughts to determine any useful info.

Edit: sorry for all the text!
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