WIP The Utopia. A Hallow alternative

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  1. ThatBoyInGreen

    ThatBoyInGreen Spazmatism

    This is my first biome idea so I want it to be good:naughty: Sadly I cant sprite :(

    The Utopia is a Hallow alternate. Instead of pixies and unicorns it has spirits and elementals.

    I don't have land music but I got underground :D
    Music by DmDokuro


    Light Spirit

    Health: 240

    Defence: 10

    Damage: 30. Acts a lot like wraith except it doesn't hover it flies and it glows a bright golden

    Fire Elemental

    Health: 300

    Defence: 15

    Damage: 35

    Sets fire to the player. Glows a bright orange but can't fly only hover.

    Holy Slime

    It hops. BUT LIKE BOSS :dryadcool:

    Health: 150

    Defence: 7

    Damage: 30
    Like illuminat slimes but golden. Water Spirit. Looks.

    The utopia biome has yellow grass and goldish stone.The trees have yellow leaves and at night the grass and leaves glow. The water is a deep blue. Instead of crystal shards there are spirit fragments.
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  2. Mirkwood

    Mirkwood Terrarian

    I would recommend more content like trees. You need to go more in depth about the stuff. I would also recommend your mob suggestions be ordered like this:

    Light Spirit
    HP: 240
    Defense: 10
    Damage: 30
    Then here, describe the look, basic AI and say what it would drop.

    If left unchanged, I think a lot of people won't like this...
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  3. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    Crowno confirmed that it's extremely unlikely that the Cyber will be added in a later update. If this is added instead of the Cyber, it will cause a riot. Sorry, but I can only support two Hallow alternatives. (Hey @Tobbvald!)
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  4. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    No cyber? (which sadly implies no Covert or Contagion) Aww... oh well :( Their better be something equally as awesome!:mad:
  5. ThatBoyInGreen

    ThatBoyInGreen Spazmatism

    Sorry about that but I only got a few mins
  6. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    That's not even close to the time it takes to fully develop a proper suggestion. The great thing about TCF is that it lets you save a suggestion as a draft and work on it later. Use that to your advantage next time, and there's no need to be hasty.
  7. towerator

    towerator Terrarian

    In fact, my only criticism to the cyber is that it isn't very... "nice". And it's an important condition for a hallow...
    The covert on the other hand gladly checks this box.
  8. Uzume Tennouboshi

    Uzume Tennouboshi Terrarian

    Remember they follow different themes.
    Hallow vs Corruption = Light vs Dark
    Cyber vs Crimson = Order vs Chaos
    Covert vs Contagion = Life vs Death
  9. Mirkwood

    Mirkwood Terrarian

    Wouldn't the Crimson be death? Red everything, bones in the background, pre-Hardmode enemies drop vertebrae, Crimson hearts. Either Death or Gore, but the Crimson doesn't make much sense to me for being disorder. Just what I think though. On topic, with some care and following my above comment, this could be a very nice thread. That is all I have to say...
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  10. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble Headless Horseman

    Order vs Chaos for Cyber and Crimson's themes? I think Clean vs Gross is more accurate.

    As for OP.. you need more info.
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  11. towerator

    towerator Terrarian

    What I'm saying is that the cyber isn't as "nice" as the hallow, the covert, or even the jade and said utopia. Beside, the actual "chaos" as depicted in Terraria is... the Hallow (chaos elemental/staff/fish...)! Therefore, to fix this we would need to make the cyber a corruption-like rather than a hallow-like...
  12. stormconure

    stormconure Spazmatism

    So, basically, i would support this, but the CYBER IS SO EPIC that i have to say no. Great idea, but it has been outdone by @Zoomo.
  13. Zoomo

    Zoomo Lunatic Cultist

    The suggestion interesting and is another idea in terms of an adversary for the cyber, however it feels to much like the hallow to me.

    Before you go after me about that saying: "It needs to be filling the same niche as the hallow!" And while i agree to an extent, you can't really compare it to this unless it is restricted to the crimson. That is a very important thing. You see the cyber is not so much a good biome as an orderly, clean, and most of all not fleshy. You see I want to make out clear that I wasn't making a alternate for the hassle but instead something to strengthen the uniqueness of the crimson.

    The thing is, those things are all living things. Granted you are looking them but the are disgusting, semi formless monstrosities which are extremely chaotic and without any order. The cyber in contrast is pristine, matching, clean, and devoid of deviation and chaos.

    Also, just an open question. What makes the cyber less good seeming than the covert, the jade, or even the hallow? I seriously don't understand why people say that. :p
  14. bad_news

    bad_news Retinazer

    I personally love the cyber, but I think the main reason a lot of people don't is because they'd prefer everything to seem at least semi-natural, which is kinda the opposite of the premise of the cyber.
  15. towerator

    towerator Terrarian

    Sure the cyber is cool, but I would tend to say that is has some important differences with other hallow-like. If I was to choose between catagories, I'd put it in a unique, "balanced" catagory. Some kind of super-purity.
  16. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    It definitely needs more elaboration because all biomes and expansions do. Format could do with a lot of work, too. As in concept, this is OK, but some changes could be made to make it a lot better.
  17. RealSaucer

    RealSaucer Spazmatism

    Why can't anyone make a thread about hallow alts without people naming the Cyber? I mean, on TO there was several threads about, for example, desert expansion, but people could still support all of them.
    I like the Cyber, but it seems to "block" the other suggestions, so they often can't get the constructive critism they need.

    OT: I like the idea, could use some details though.
  18. Uzume Tennouboshi

    Uzume Tennouboshi Terrarian

    The Cyber happens to be one of the most fully fleshed out alt biome suggestions. It also has brilliant sprite work, a realization of in-game mechanics, pretty much all the possible alt tools that come with the biome,and a whole lot of effort was put into it. If a suggestion has a lot of detail, I'm sure it would get plenty of feedback. This one however, is not finished at all, and it's hard to give constructive criticism on a WIP without sounding destructive.
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