Items The Vault Key - A Hardmode Alternative to the Money Trough

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Commander Crocket

Official Terrarian
In accordance with @Safeman's recent inclusion into the Re-Logic team, I feel as if it is only fair that they also received an in-game item in their honour. Thus, my first suggestion will be a simple and concise one. My proposed item, the Vault Key.

After defeating a mechanical boss, this item would be available for purchase from the Skeleton Merchant for the price of one platinum coin.

In a similar fashion to the Money Trough already present within the game, when used, it summons a sentient safe. In order to distinguish it from its pre-hardmode counterpart, the summoned entity is earthbound (i.e. it cannot fly), and can also function as an NPC - it strolls around the location it was summoned in, and can even be talked to.

Tooltip: Summons the Safe Man.

In-game quotes:
- "Have you heard the one about the Mimic? That joke was so funny, I could hardly contain myself. No, seriously, my chest hurt."
- "Need to stash your items somewhere secure? Leave it to me! Safe is my middle, er, first name!"
- "Full inventory? Getting bashed? Leave your things with me, and save your cash!"
- "So a rivet walked into an item store, and the manager said, "Sorry pal, we're locking up." Get it? Locking up?"

(Unintentional Fallout/Borderlands reference is unintentional.)

Sprites welcome. :)
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I like the idea of having it be a little NPC for differentiation from the month. SUPPORT
Sound good man, I can't see anything wrong with it.
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you done good.
This is a great idea!
Maybe it can be implemented in 1.3.1. to celebrate safeman's promotion to community manager
omg u lyed u sed they aded thes u lyre >;9
i wes su hapi i tht ths wuld be en gaem

Jk, I had thought of an idea similar to this, but your version is better. I actually think this could get added!
I'm pretty sure if she wants anything for her in the game she'll request it herself.
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