Biomes & Nature The Viking Ship: Adding a little life to the Underground Snow!


So, you may have read the Pyramid Rework that i made. This is an expansion on that idea.
So, the underground snow is not that interesting, not enough to spend a lot of time there. It seems like it needs something. Also, some people consider that the snow biome is an alt for the desert, somewhat. So, after I made the pyramid suggestion, I decided to make a snow biome version! somewhat
Welcome to...
VikingCap.png The Viking Ship: Adding a little life to the Underground Snow! VikingCap.png

Now, this is a bit different than the pyramid suggestion. There are no traps, and this structure is much smaller. This structure is mostly about fighting than exploring. But, this one is accesible from the start of the game! It is recommended to come here once you have obtained rocket boots, though.

The Viking Ship will generate with a 100% chance somewhere in the middle Underground Snow. It is about the size of 2 floating islands stacked on top of each other. The area it spawns in is a large rounded cave, and the deck is large enough for a bossfight and enemy spawns. The ship is made mostly of Boreal Wood, with a few patches of normal wood and ice here and there. The walls are Boreal Walls and Ice Walls. It contains a large amount of Boreal furniture and kegs.
The deck of the ship is mostly flat, and in a row in the center are about 5 viking shields. OldShield.png These will be crucial later on.

The Hull
In the hull, there are a few undead viking statues scattered about. But, you wont be disappointed if you expected cool loot. Along with the furniture and kegs, the ship's hull contains two chests.
Chest 1: Sax. A sword that occasionally inflicts frostburn. does 15 melee damage. Sax.png yes, the blade is supposed to point that way.Chest 2: Ancient Bone. AncientBone.png Summons an Ancient Wolf pet. AncientPet.png Purely decorational.3: Blizzard in a Bottle, in one of the chests. Guaranteed.4: normal chest loot, such as potions and bars.

On the deck, some enemies can spawn. Along with undead vikings there is a new enemy, the Ancient Wolf!
AncientWolf.png Some say they are the children of Fenrir himself. They have 90 life 110 life and deal 22 damage 44 damage.
They drop Ice Runes with a 20% chance. IceRune.png

VikingCap.png The Boss VikingCap.png
The legends tell that he is the long dead descendant of the last Jotun in Terraria...

Once you have collected a fair amount of Ice Runes, you will want to fight the cool new miniboss! Similar to the Sarcophagus, when a shield is right clicked, it will start to glow blue. Once all five shields are lit, the boss will spawn.
Phase One:
when spawned, the viking captain's feet will be frozen in place, and all he can do is throw axes at you. the axes Can go through blocks, to prevent cheesing.
Phase Two:
Once 25% of his health has been depleted, the ice will break and he will walk and try to melee the player. He can also shoot ice bolts in this phase.

Phase Three:
Once 75% of his health has been depleted, he will gain a bit more defense and enter the Spirit phase.

When in this phase, he will float towards the player similar to a Pixie, and throw ghostly axes that go through blocks and home slightly. Occasionally summons one or two Undead Vikings.
Drops 15-20 Frostfire, Frostburn.png used to make some cool weapons.

Boss stats are for the devs.
Cool New Nordic Items!
VikingCap.png Viking Helm
Vanity Item
Made with 3 Frostburn.png.

Fenrir.png Fenrir's String
Powerful bow that does 14 damage. Has a chance to release a howl that does extra damage.
"Bite off the hand"
made with 3 IceRune.png and 4 Frostburn.png.

Jotunheim.png Jotunheim
Magic staff that does 25 damage and inflicts frostburn.
"pronounced 'ee-yo-den-hime'"
Made with 10 boreal wood, 1 IceRune.png and 5 Frostburn.png.

FrostburnDart.png Frostburn Dart
Dart that does 12 damage, inflicts frostburn, and homes ever so slightly.
Made with 1 Frostburn.png. makes 100.

BeserkerEmblem.png Berserker Pendant
Dropped by Undead Vikings.
You do 5% more damage each 10% lower health you have, and increases life regen slightly.

SpiritAxe.png Spirit Axe
Summon weapon, summons a spinning spirit axe that acts like a mini enchanted sword. Does 9 damage.
made with 2 IceRune.png and 3 Frostburn.png.

Well, there you go! i know this suggestion isn't as high effort as the last one, such as no examples of the ship underground. Maybe i will do that later, given the time. Did you like my suggestion? Fell free to give criticism and feedback.
I love all of these sprites, and this would make the underground snow biome more interesting. The weapons and items seem balanced and the boss seems like a good addition.
I'm not sure about the berserker pendant, it seems very powerful. At 280/400 health, you already match a wall of flesh emblem. And if you only put it on when you're on low health, it could become absurdly powerful.
Nice sprites, nice concept, really cool and original boss, good items. I'm not convinced the Ice biome needs this much more content, but this is really cool regardless.

And if you only put it on when you're on low health, it could become absurdly powerful.

If you are that low on health, you are gonna die soon enough that the damage up won't matter so much. I'd lower it down to 4% maybe, you don't want to make it too weak when you are not that low on health.
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