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"Oh I don't? Need I remind you of all the times you've simply decided not to do anything? Or how I was made specifically so a bunch of idiots didn't have to do any fighting themselves? If I don't know the meaning, you certainly don't. Regardless, you're will to fight for a doomed cause is certainly admirable, if only you put that energy to more... successful projects."


Pol double checks on the battlefield again with that scrying ability of theirs while their travel through the castle.


``You don't even know the true purpose of a fighter, and I don't care if I'm doomed, I will go out fighting!``
<<Just remember, Ian... Ignition can easily inflict as much damage as Boris and Niyr can combined, if they work hard enough.>>
<<With just you in the mix, you're kind of outgunning them. Just gotta work with Ignition well enough.>>

``My mind evolves as I go on, while you just stuck to your original motives of assisting the worst of people but just hear me out``

He would approach Boris and just place his arm around him.

``Think of why you choose to assist Aspera, consider how it benefits you, the consequences, how it affects the world around you...``

Ian would then sigh sorrowfully.

``And consider if it's the right thing, there's a thing called karma, it rewards those who do the right thing, maybe that could bring back the snake you lost alongside the friends you made, or you find something better in life other than just watching people drown.``

Boris would remain silent for a moment, before staring at Ian with dead eyes.
"This. This is why I fight you all. You all assume I'm not happy with my choices, that I don't realize the gravity of my choices. But I do. And I love it.

And before you continue to speak about "kArMA", let me tell you something. I once thought like that. I tried doing the right thing, tried being a good person, and in return? Nothing but pain and loss. Believing in that, you truly are in some kind of story.

Do you know  why I gave myself to Aspera? Not to gain power, not to save myself...

But to cause destruction everywhere. It's why I was made, after all."

He'd simply vanish before appearing directly in front of Ian, the spaces where eyes should be filled with an endless abyss.

"If every story needs a bad guy, I'm more than happy to fulfill that role. And unlike you, I dont try to hide behind made up beliefs to justify my actions."

Ok not gonna lie I first made Boris to be funny goop man, but now? He's somehow become an actual character.

``That's what you think, some people are just cruel, you were just around terrible people, and now that you join Aspera, you now face me, a simple steam punker with the ability to control Fire, Electric and Ice, the key is to find the right people, someone like me, like Pol, like that other guy whose name is not known, there's always a spot for you, even stepping down from Aspera's side is the right thing.``
"Unfortunately for you, even if I wanted to I couldn't. Benefit of essentially giving him my soul, wouldn't you agree? And again, you still miss my point. I  like doing this. I like causing destruction. And once I'm done with Silas, Ignition is next on my hit list. You can only delay his death for so long, you know?"

Ian would be noticeably frustrated.

``Well good luck with that, I make sure you are off this boat beforehand, then after that, I probably take it easy with Ignition before well..``

The frustration would start to die down as it fades into fear

``.......he perishes....``


"Unfortunately for you, even if I wanted to I couldn't. Benefit of essentially giving him my soul, wouldn't you agree? And again, you still miss my point. I  like doing this. I like causing destruction. And once I'm done with Silas, Ignition is next on my hit list. You can only delay his death for so long, you know?"
<<And you can only defend Aspera for so long.>>
<<He's not weak yet... but I can tell a lot of progress has been made towards killing him.>>
<<Once he dies, I'll see to it all the damage you and his forces inflict are reversed. Personally.>>
<<All the chaos around here cannot limit my influence forever.>>


Ian would be noticeably frustrated.

``Well good luck with that, I make sure you are off this boat beforehand, then after that, I probably take it easy with Ignition before well..``

The frustration would start to die down as it fades into fear

``.......he perishes....``
<<You don't have to lose hope so soon, Ian...>>

Boris just laughs, a broken and cracking voice echoing from what is his equivalent of a mouth.
"And I look forward to seeing you try. After all, there's no fun without a fight."

<<And you can only defend Aspera for so long.>>
<<He's not weak yet... but I can tell a lot of progress has been made towards killing him.>>
<<Once he dies, I'll see to it all the damage you and his forces inflict are reversed. Personally.>>
<<All the chaos around here cannot limit my influence forever.>>
"And so what if he does? I'm not going anywhere, and if I've learned anything, it's that there's always a blind spot, even with supposedly omnipotent beings. You can't protect everything at once, but I look forward to it regardless."


"And so what if he does? I'm not going anywhere, and if I've learned anything, it's that there's always a blind spot, even with supposedly omnipotent beings. You can't protect everything at once, but I look forward to it regardless."
<<Maybe. But then, I'm kinda used to that.>>
<<I can always try, nonetheless.>>

(Thought, to clarify): <Things are different this time around anyway...>

Sky High

Ice Queen
Pol picks up the book on the servants of Oryx after it materialises in the air in front of them. They then throw it up and teleport it in the bookcase.
<First one to add to the collection.>
<Wonder how many of these I'll need before that good thing comes...>

Pol then closes their eyes to check on the Adventurer's Sails with some sort of scrying ability.
<Wait... bombers... on the ship?>
<Darn... looks like Ian's outnumbered too...>
<I'll be back as soon as I can, Ian.>

Pol opens their eyes to see the damage the bombs did.
<So that's how weak taking that destiny made us...>
<Now the forces of chaos are baring down even more on our strength.>
<Still, should be able to finish this off now.>

<...the World Machine...>

An assuring +1 flies up to Ian with a pair of wings (@Razor_Typhoon)

[Action]: Getting in after hopefully taking everything else out.

Pol flash steps behind one of the remaining Warriors, grabbing them and tossing them into the other.

Pol then brandishes their white z-boomerang and teleports behind the other Warrior, elongating the blade on their boomerang to stab through them and the first Warrior just as they hit the second Warrior from Pol's toss.

Kirby, meanwhile, just swallows up some of the Pets of Oryx, before lining up the rest of them and spitting out the other Pets at them.
Pol also throws their boomerang, Warriors still impaled on it, at the Pets at the same time, their boomerang exploding outwards in a flash of light, incinerating anything that gets too close, before it stops flashing and exploding and returns to Pol’s grip.

Regardless of what happens, Pol then turns to the entrance of the castle.
<<Time to get moving.>>
Pol and Kirby then head inside Oryx’s castle.

You take out the last of the Warriors of Oryx and Pets of Oryx! You advance further into the castle, only to run into a somewhat more formidable force!

Some sort of magic can be sensed, getting stronger as you advance... you start to feel nervous.

Oryx the Mad God is ruler over thousands of realms, establishing a cruel dominion over them. But before he ascended to his godhood, he was a simple gladiator, serving in a long-forgotten kingdom, now only known as the Shatters. Although not of noble origin, Oryx was ambitious - and strong, able to defeat even some of the most sinister targets, such as Shaitan, the lord of the Djinn, and Lord Ruthven, the sinister vampire king.

Sidequest: Oryx's Castle - Entrance

Brute of Oryx ['Ω']: HP: 15,000/15,000, Attack: 5,000, Break Armor: Nullifies Armor on enemy targets (but does not ignore it for this attack). Lasts two rounds.
Knight of Oryx ['Ω'](x4): HP: 2,500/2,500, Attack: 1,000, Summon Pet of Oryx: II
Pet of Oryx ['Ω'](x2): HP: 500/500, Attack: 100, Crowd, do not have to be defeated to progress

Sky High

Ice Queen

interprets this as the most offensive thing ever done upon me


I look at the Unnatural Thing's stats and just...


Ok so for now I summon a Shield Person thing to block hopefully both attacks from the Knight. Flavor text? Uhhh I just steal a guy, give him a shield, and toss him in front of the Unnatural Thing.


The Unnatural Thing attacks the Knight, naturally.


Aight, let's do this.

finger snap

Tens of thousands of tendril-like tubes snake out seemingly from thin air, each one tipped with what seem to be syringe needles. They all converge upon one non-descript spot, the sight of this one unified act creating a nightmarishly convoluted wiring setup as these wires clumsily tangle upon one another, but still managing to ultimately accomplish their aforementioned task. It is then that each and every single individual of these injector-tipped wires expel, in perfect unison, their contents; coming out of their narrow tips are molecular samples of varying essences, each one pouring out a completely unique matter from the others; from electricity to mana, demonic energy to divine energy, necrotic to draconic, natural and eldritch, substances uniquely permeating their respective worlds, substances that themselves require hours of explanation and- honestly we can either move on or we can spend days with you waiting for me to make up more random stuff.

The tubes all retract from whence they came as all those expelled forces then coalesce with one another into one singular mass and the reaction is... well, violent, to say the least. The localized space housing this mass shifts through numerous forms, from a floral disposition to a stormy one, from a view of a civilized scenario to one that's up in flames, from a blank white space to an overwhelming display of colors, to eldritch eyes peering from an abyss, to colors never before seen, to an uncensored view of what must not be seen, to a still frame of a packed playground (truly the worst sight of them all), before finally settling back into its natural state, the mass now simply being this ball of shifting colors, but an immense pressure still radiates from it, a testament to its raw power. And yet it's growing, and growing, and growing...

And this is where I pop up, creating a structure to house this growing mass with my professional never-before-seen architectural skills (I play Fortnite), with the purpose less so being that it hinders its growth and more so just for ease of transport and access. Y'know, now that I think about it... I kinda made the structure look like a flying water dispenser. Huh.

Now we get to the name. The moniker. The word that one utters in reference to it. Now, one surely expects for such matter of immense power to have a respectable name- Bingus Bungus Energy I'm calling it The Bingus Bungus Energy you can't stop me.

Basically, every turn, it charges up energy that every Player, as well as Entities that are either dedicated for interaction with it or are able to miscellaneous work (i.e. a Crewmate), can pull from, though probably with a cap per taker. For now though, me being in a sidequest means it's just gonna be with me for now.

It'd probably look like this in an entity stat line (with tentative stats):
The Bingus Bungus Energy [Krill13 - N]: HP: 100,00/100,000, Energy: 10,000 (+10,000 per turn)

[1/5] (got a +1 from Pol)
unleashes early Christmas upon Pol(@Mecha_Flower) with a +1

CRIT! Shield Person summoned!

The Bingus Bungus Energy! summoned!


The Unnatural Thing attacks the Castle Knight for 1,750 damage! The Bingus Bungus Energy! gains 10,000 Energy!

The Castle Knight attacks the Shield Person, dealing 3,000 damage!

A second Castle Knight enters the scene! This looks like trouble...


Candy Box Island - Castle Gate:

Shield Person [Krill13 - N]: HP: 7,000/10,000, Armor: 1,000
Unnatural Thing [Krill13 - N]: HP: 1,000/1,000, Attack: 252 + 497 + 1,001
The Bingus Bungus Energy! [Krill13 - N]: HP; 50,000/50,000, Energy: 10,000 (+10,000/turn), may take energy as a free action in addition to base actions, amount of energy taken scales with free action and is expended immediately to boost this turn's action, don't expect to be able to take more than 5,000 per turn per player, 1 Energy = 1 Action Power

Castle Knight [H](x1): HP: 8,250/10,000, Attack: 2,500 * 2
(x1): HP: 10,000/10,000



I abruptly pause the battle for a second, call out to the Knights, and just

"So like, why are we fighting again?"



I take up as much Energy from The Bingus Bungus Energy! as I can.
I use the Marvelous Mysterious Machine to copy the Emergency Meeting Button, summoning a Crewmate.

I forcefully dig my hand into the ground, the immediate consequence to this being quite great as the very earth opens up to reveal what might as well be Hell, its crimson disposition radiating all the way from the depths of this earthly crack. A figure, bathed in Hell's fire, begins rising up from the pit, the ground closing up as it finishes its hellish ascent. The flames it is wreathed upon then depart from it, revealing to us the visage of this being...

It's a standard-issue white-robed Healer.


Unless the Knights aren't hostile at the moment, the Unnatural Thing continues attacking.
Shield Person continues to shield for the group.
The Bingus Bungus Energy! charges up Energy.
(if the Crewmate can act now) The Crewmate works on improving Shield Person's defenses, utilizing The Bingus Bungus Energy! if that's allowed.
(if the Healer can act now) The Healer heals Shield Person.


Encouraging +1 to Ian(@Razor_Typhoon). Ganbette ne! (but pronounced horribly wrong)

Sky High

Ice Queen
A +1 floats towards the Testificate, along with the promise of more should they provide me with weaponry.

[Action Summary: Trying to delete Silas]

Having landed on the Adventurer's Sails, Boris knows he's gotta work fast. Only a matter of time until he's kicked off after all.

To start things off, Boris holds his 5000 damage coupon over his head, where it immediately punches Silas. He'd then turn his hands into claws, and charge towards Ignition....

But it was just a trick. With a uncharacteristically sudden burst of speed, Boris pivots and punches Silas clean in the chest, where a small black orb shoots out've his back. This orb is then captures by a small wooden box.

Darkness. Darker than dark. So dark it seems to defy reality. Everywhere and nowhere all at once. Silas is confused, give how just moments ago he was on board a ship under a clear blue sky. He tries moving, trying to see what's happened, but he can't. Looking down, he sees nothing. For his consciousness was in that orb. And that orb is his soul.

For what feels like an eternity, Silas is trapped in this abyss. Then, with a sudden crash, light. From above, a divine glow rains down, lighting up the area hes stuck in. The walls appeared curved, arching up towards seemingly nothing. Everything, colored a light beige. If it weren't for his current condition, it'd be a nice place to visit. But as we all know, that won't last.

At first, it's hardly noticeable. But as time marches on, Silas notices the room is heating up. While it was initially a slight difference, it's growing exponentially. First feeling like a heatwave, then being on a star, then something beyond that. The heat never stops growing, searing the soul of Silas with its unstoppable warmth.

The heat goes on for what feels like forever, roasting away at Silas. But as quickly as it started, it stopped. In fact, thing start cooling. Silas is initially grateful for the reprieve, but he quickly changes his opinion as the same problem occurs. The cold is unrelenting, going from below room temperature to below freezing to making the Void of space seem like a sauna at an even faster rate.

But it too, doesn't last. But instead of fading away, only half of Silas is freed from the cold as the heat overtakes him again. The two elements seemed to be in a power struggle, and Silas is just stuck in the middle of it all. Locked under a battle of hot and cold, doomed to suffer.

Then, the two retreat, coalescing into balls not unlike Silas' current form. But unlike the boatmaker, the balls start growing, shifting into two massive Golems

The Golem of Fire stands tall, a bright purple blaze emanating of every part of its massive frame. It appears to be a mirage of sorts due to the heat. In its hands a massive hammer of golden flames is formed, it's sizeshowing its ability to turn stars into dust with a single swing.

The Golem of Frost forms at the same rate, it's body a brilliant sheen of light green ice overlaid on darker blues, mimicking the Aurora Borealis. The ground beneath the giants feet freezes over as a massive claymore shoots out into its hands, the blade appearing larger than the cosmos itself.

With no fanfare, the two Titans start fighting, each clash sending waves of fire and ice everywhere, Silas forced to endure the hundreds of strikes between the two. Then, the Golem of Frost plants ita blade in the ground, offering his hand to the Fire Golem. With its other hand, it points towards the soul of Silas. With a silent understanding, the Fire Golem nods, as the Frost Titan picks up its blade. Then, the two turn towards Silas....

And both simultaneously strike his soul.

As the fight within the chest stops, it suddenly cracks, with a golden light erupting from it. As more cracks appear Boris pushes the body of Silas towards the chest as it suddenly bursts, a brilliant light flooding over the Adventurer's Sails, blinding anyone who dared looks towards it, and searing everyone aboard the vessel, including the boat itself.

And with that, the soul of Silas returns to his body, along with the damage he received.

King of the Sea [18/35]

You give a +1 to the Testificate! You receive a +1 in return!

As you charge at Ignition, Silas swings his hammer, superimposing a large wooden plank through your midsection! It's incredibly painful! The pain hardly slows down your action, however - you deal 21,000 damage (counting the coupon)!

+1 to Boris/@CrimtaneShovel in the form of a +1.
Man the Guns!
Now, one of the issues Niyr has noticed so far is the lack of much progress in damaging the Adventurer's Sails, do to the ability to simply repair the ship. Now, although it is possible to counteract this by just outputting more damage, this is inconvenient, as it means that actions must continually be spent dealing damage, preventing progress from being made elsewhere. Therefore, Niyr would unfold a small suitcase, which somehow contains a room sized radio transmitter and an even larger antenna. This device would be used to send encrypted orders to the Planning Room, ordering the staff to find a better plan of attack that allows for the PG team to focus on attacking a single entity, with the specific requirements being to overcome an entity with both an amount of armour and regeneration, and a large health pool.

Once Niyr is done with the radio, he folds it up, and puts it away through a portal. He'd like to go over to the Adventurer's Sails and handle things himself, though with Boris already over, he'd decide to stay aboard the Book of Revelation to repel any enemy boarders. So, for now he'd simply watch and decide on a plan.

The Planning Room gains a new tactic!


``I find this situation very cheap, and I'm afraid you guys got the upper hand, but it wouldn't work out if I didn't try, right?``

Predicting that the loss is soon, Ian just decides to delay the inevitable and focus on the last Bomber instead of kicking Boris off (+ He's already
enraged him once, might aswell avoid further problems in case Ian survives drowning.).

``All I can say, goddamn it guys for leaving me alone.``

And so, he would unstealth the remaining Bomber with a new idea, summoning an electric cannonball and stabbing it with his weapon, resulting in it letting out a shockwave.


[Ignition's Action]
Taking note of what Ian said, Ignition would also take part in the "delaying the inevitable", although he wouldn't actually do anything noteworthy and just keep his guard up.

(Interested on how loss will work.)

You unstealth the final Bomb-Planter!


The Planning Room fortifies itself, gaining 5,000 armor!

Eight of the Partnership Collective Gunners attack the Adventurers' Sails, dealing 20,000 damage! The remaining Gunners attempt to board it, but only two cross successfully!

Ignition destroys the final Bomb-Planter and activates Wings of Wax, healing to full HP! Instead of repairing, Silas attaches a pair of rocket thrusters to the plank submerged within Boris, launching him high into the air! @CrimtaneShovel Countering this bounce attempt is a free action, but you'll have to be creative to stay on the boat!


AG: Destroy Aspera!
AG: Sink Aspera's fleet!

N: Seek out your personal objectives.
PG: Protect Aspera!
PG: Sink the Adventurers' Sails!


Please contact Tech Support at THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.



Aspera [GM]: 30/50 HP, Godmodder, aboard the Occam's Razor


(note: this is not Aspera's whole fleet)

Occam's Razor [SHIP][PG]: HP: 100%, full stats revealed when engaged in combat, entities aboard do not presently affect the arena
Planning Room [Niyr - PG]: HP: 100,000/100,000, Armor: 0, resets to 0 when taking unblocked damage, Fortify Planning Room: II, Naval Tactics: III, Attack the Objective!: III, (PAY 5 CHARGE FOR A NEW BATTLE TACTIC)
Fortify Planning Room: Planning Room gains 5,000 Armor. Caps at 50,000. Cap may change at later date.
Naval Tactics: [PG] ships may not be boarded by non-[PG] players the turn after this is used.
Attack the Objective!: [PG] entities' attacks deal 1.2x damage this turn, but may only target entities with 100,000 or more HP.

Book of Revelation [SHIP][PG]: HP: 88,000/100,000, Boarding Difficulty: Medium
Partnership Collective Gunner [PG](x9): HP: 10,000/10,000, Attack: 2,500, may attempt to board other ships if not attacking
Partnership Collective Bouncer [PG](x3): HP: 25,000/25,000, makes removal from a ship faster, will not attempt to board hostile ships

Adventurers' Sails [SHIP][AG]: HP: 200,000/250,000, Attack: 2 * Momentum, Regeneration: 2.5 * Momentum, Momentum: 0, Can be increased by player actions, Boarding Difficulty: Hard
Ignition, the Spark Controller [Ian - AG]: HP: 70,000/70,000, Attack: 25,000, Wings of Wax: If chosen, heals 20,000 HP, Gauntlets of Fire: If chosen, deals an additional 20,000 damage, only one additional ability may be chosen per turn, wearing Abandoned Bandanna
Distress Beacon [Reese - AG]: HP: 89,000/100,000, ???
Crewmate [AG]: HP: 25,000/25,000, does tasks
Silas, Last of the Boatmakers [AG]: HP: 29,000/50,000, Repair: 25,000, can only repair ships
Testificate [N]: HP: 75,000/75,000, Armor: 5,000, 1,000 Reaction Fire, Trade: Give him +1 charge for something extra strange to happen!
Partnership Collective Bomb-Planter [PG]: HP: 20,000/20,000, can board other ships while stealthed, Total Conversion Bomb: III, will instantly destroy a ship
Partnership Collective Gunner [PG](x2): HP: 10,000/10,000, Attack: 2,500, may attempt to board other ships if not attacking

LapisLazuli': Vortex [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Dragonwolf73: Niyr [PG], aboard the Book of Revelation
Firewing: Just Flask [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Champion Greninjoid: Reese [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Esther: Narrator [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Razor_Typhoon: Ian [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Krill13: [Name Here] [N] (Currently carrying 2 capital "I"s, one Marvelous Mysterious Machine, a 5,000 damage coupon, and a talking candy)
Layn: Layn [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Banana-Fish: Pol and Kirby [AG], on a sidequest
O.R.I.G.I.N.: Decil [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Sylveone46: Cutlass McClaymore [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
6FootDeep: Swarm of Zachs [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Zparks: Sblib [N], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Whimsythescholar: Alice [AG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Crimtane Shovel: Boris [PG], aboard the Adventurers' Sails
Master of Infinity: The Master of the Infinitum [AG], aboard the Adventurer's Sails

Destiny: Mastery of Tactics

Destiny: Spawn Point
Ocular Implants
+ Your actions have a 50% chance to be 3x as effective!​
- All of your actions have their power reduced to 0.5x before all other multipliers!​
+ Entities with dodging capabilities cannot dodge your actions!​
± This augmentation does not affect attacks against Godmodders.​
Destiny: Bookkeeper

Spoils of War:
Misery: Polar Star. Owner: Cutlass McClaymore. A strange gun, with two scratches embedded into it. It looks like it gets stronger if used carefully. Once every 3 turns, it can be used to deal 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 damage, depending on its current level. The level goes up when PG entities die or the Godmodder takes damage, and it goes down when AG entities die. Level: 3, Cooldown: III
The Teletubbies: Tubby Custard Machine. Owner: Pol. A whimsical machine with two large spires for storing Tubby Custard. Once every 4 turns, it can be used to heal 5,000 HP to any entity. This healing can bring entities over their max HP, if they're not already above their max HP. Additionally, the Tubby Custard Key may be used one time to revive any entity that died the preceding turn, with full HP. THE TUBBY CUSTARD KEY MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME. Cooldown: IIII. Tubby Custard Key: Available
Fortegreen Crewmate: Emergency Meeting Button. Owner: Just Flask. A red button that can be used to assemble everyone in the area. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to summon a Crewmate, who the owner will be able to direct to various tasks. Its effectiveness will vary. Cooldown: IIIII
Kabula: Kabula Cannon. Owner: Reese. A large, somewhat unwieldy cannon that fires three shots at once. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to deal 10,000 damage to three different entities. For the purposes of this Spoil, Crowd entities are counted as a single entity. Cooldown: IIIII
Cyber End*r Dr*gon: Cyber Dr*gon Egg. Owner: Niyr. Somehow, turning the End*r Dr*gon into a technological terror passed the property on to this egg. The egg appears to have no function, but there is a green button on the back. The longer you look at it, the brighter it gets. You get the feeling you can only press this button once... Green Button: Available, Charge: 14
King Dedede (first fight): Abandoned Bandanna. Owner: Ian. The lost bandanna of Bandanna Dee, presumably discarded when Bandanna Dee was used to summon Kabula. The Abandoned Bandanna may be given to an entity, granting it an additional 5,000 Attack until it dies, at which point the Abandoned Bandanna will become available again. Status: Unavailable
Shaggy: The Sandwich Of Oblivion. Owner: [Name Here]. A sandwich of unfathomable power, made of the finest ingredients one can find in the thousand universes. This sandwich may be fed to an NPC a total of three times across the entire game, with an indeterminate and plot-linked cooldown. Eating the sandwich will cause a major plot disturbance or critical interference. This will not always work out in the favor of the owner. Status: Available, uses left: 3

Permanent Upgrades:
Chapter 1: The Great K.A.T.E.
A strange red bucket that contains a weather machine. What does K.A.T.E. stand for? Your guess is as good as mine! The Great K.A.T.E. provides many forms of weather information. The more kinds of weather information an action uses, the more damage it will deal if it succeeds, up to 1.5x the usual amount! However, if the attack doesn't use a piece of weather properly, all weather bonuses will be lost!
Chapter 2: Crossroads of Destiny. A portion of Shaggy's power, specifically dealing in one's "destiny." At an indeterminate time, the Crossroads of Destiny will appear to a player character, giving them a large number of choices for a permanent augmentation that can shake up how they play the game. (Indeterminate time means I'll offer you a crossroads whenever I think I have enough cool ideas for your character.)
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Pol levitates the new book in front of them, reading over it.
<Probably will be hearing that name again in the future.>
<Ian's already handled Ruthven anyway.>

Pol then teleports it back in the bookcase, before turning to face Oryx's new set of lackeys in their way.

<...wait, can't I only summon like, one entity if I want them to be really powerful here?>
<...back to the drawing board, I guess.>
<Gotta pick someone that's really strong already...>

A +8 to Ian to finish his charge. But then he's hit with a -7 because chaos. (@Razor_Typhoon)

[Action]: Bullying the Knights with a portal and directing the Brute's attack to them.

Kirby runs over to the Brute of Oryx in order to bait an attack, by jumping in front of them and shouting poyo a lot. However, that doesn't quite work, so Kirby then stomps on the ground, knocking up a few stones, which Kirby then uses to throw at the Brute in order to provoke it.

Pol, meanwhile, just opens a large portal under all 4 Knights of Oryx. As they fall into it, they travel through a black void, in which black swords stab at one Knight at a time, aiming to kill at least one Knight as opposed to dealing damage to all of them.

Once Kirby gets the Brute to actually attack, they jump back to dodge the Brute's charge.
The other end of the portal opens up in front of him, making the Brute attack its own comrades as the portal spits the Knights out in the way of its attack.
``No friend will be going down today!``

Ian would quickly "convert" enough electricity to turn it into a ball of energy, he would then dip the ball into water to calm it before giving it to Silas as a method of healing him.

``Consider it a thank you for making the ship, at least we can focus now that there aren't any of those bomb planters on the ship.``


[Ignition's Action]
Ignition focuses on the 2 gunners that have boarded the ship, but that's about it.
A +1 falls out of Boris' pocket, before being carried on the wind to [Name Here] (@Krill13)

Now normally here's where Boris would say something to Silas about trying to launch him off, but he's currently preoccupied with having rockets inside of himself.

Starting with the easiest method, Boris just tries absorbing the plank and the rockets into his biomass, as he did way back when with a smoothie cup. However due to [PLOT] this probably won't work. So onto the more shenanigans fueled stuff.

Boris starts by just popping himself, letting the board fly freely as little drops of sludge man rain down. These little drops would land both on the boat from various angles and in the water itself. They would then converge onto each other, but instead of reforming, they'd turn into a rather large invisible portal, from which several strange creatures would emerge, like a tiger with a chicken head and sharks with giraffe necks.

Now these abominations aren't powerful, but they are a good distraction. And as they do as wild animals would and go buck wild, the portal vanishes as it forms a bunch of microscopic Boris, all of whom stealthily spread out around the Adventurer's Sails. Should any be removed they'd get dragged to a different one, and with the sheer amount of them it's impossible to get them all at once.

Given his current state it's safe to assume Boris isn't exactly doing much right now. So instead, let us turn our gaze....

To a new face.

Aboard the Book of Revelation, a strange figure appears. It is made of four peculiar tower shields rotating around a strange sphere, with several gloved hands floating around the shields. Appearing directly above the sphere a large crystal eye floats, watching over everything with its dead gaze. The things name?


As Zallir turns its eye towards the Adventurer's Sails, the hands start drawing strange symbols in the air. All of a sudden, a collection of strange orbs fly towards the boat, each one a different color. A red one crashes into the deck, igniting all in range with unholy fire. Nearby a blue one hurtles towards the sails of the vessel, freezing the mast before shattering pieces. A yellow makes its presence known with a crackle of lightning barreling into the starboard side, while a purple one detonates above the entire ship, drowning the vessel in acid.

The strange construct would then have its shields hover around the boat, as it's hands yet again write on air. A clear laser would fire out of its eye, before reflecting off the shields, each time creating dozens of smaller beams that tear through the ship. And as the hands finish, a phantom leviathan crashes into the ship, it's ghostly maw still tearing through the boat before fading back into the afterlife.

King of the Seas [21/35]
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