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Because then you would have a complete codebase through 1.2.4 instead of missing a bunch of stuff before, some of which could intertwine with the later things in 1.2.4 and thus cause issues? That is how I read it at least.

Pretty sure that Additions came out in May/ you may be correct on the reference, but the wrong update and month-day swap. ;)

I think the idea here is to give you more choices, not fewer. :)
hmmm... i see you replying more on this CONSOLE page than 505 has posted lol go figure
Because then you would have a complete codebase through 1.2.4 instead of missing a bunch of stuff before, some of which could intertwine with the later things in 1.2.4 and thus cause issues? That is how I read it at least.

They are releasing both together at the same time.

You would need a glitchless, stable and complete 1.2.3 to ensure stability for 1.2.4, and given the console version history, the updates are rarely, if ever, perfect when released; thus, releasing everything together all at once is actually a big risk if they happen to make ANY mistakes with the currently missing content from 1.2.3, as it will have a domino effect on numerous parts of 1.2.4 content (something which they have pretty much stated in the OP).

So yeah, tell me again why this is a GOOD idea?
But, if there is Duke Fishron, the pc version will not have an exclusive boss. In the console version there is already an exclusive boss, Ocram!
PS3 (I don't have a PS4, and the controls shown here can be easily translated to an Xbox controller)
I want the control scheme to be similar in what you can do with a keyboard and mouse.

Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Move Cursor, except when smart cursor is on, where weapons and blocks are used automatically without pressing...
... R1 - Use (Equivalent of left click)
L1 - Grapple
L2 - Jump, this is so that its easier to jump while moving, and makes the hoverboard less wonky to use.
R2 - Instead of switching between items in your hotbar one by one, it summons an item wheel similar to GTAV. There's a reason why this inventory scheme is used a lot in console games.
L3 - Free Cursor (cursor is now free to move the entire screen, as if you were using a mouse)
R3 - Smart Cursor
Cross - Jump
Circle - Right Click (Favorite Items in inventory)
Square - Chat (If there is no chat, then trashes/sells/chests)
Triangle - Inventory
Start - Pause
Select - Map
Because R2 summons a wheel, it devalues the D-pad's original purpose of bound items. Let's make it useful again.
Up - Quick Mount
Left - Quick Buff
Down - Quick Mana
Right - Quick Heal
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I would like a PC like cursor. If not, faster cursor speed. Another thing, is it possible to remove that teleporter wire limit?
I believe the wire limit was removed in 1.2.4 so hopefully that will be included in that update :)

Like I said in my last post keep L1 as the alternative jump button and L3 as the alternative grapple button it works much better this way.
I'm pretty sure that's already an option so I don't really see why you would need to repeat yourself haha :p
Can you add that you can see your accessories and dyes for accessories pls:joy:
That was part of 1.2.3 so it should get added in this next update as well :)
hmmm... i see you replying more on this CONSOLE page than 505 has posted lol go figure

Relogic sets a super high standard that very few can match. :) Its no surprise at all, Loki is awesome like that.

So, is better to buy the console version instead of the PC version?

I think its generally a matter of opinion, but the amount of exclusive content in Console/Mobile is rather limited, and comes at the expense of a significantly delayed (and justifiably so) production cycle. So it is worth waiting an extra year, maybe more, for the most recent update so that you can fight Ocram or wear some Dragon Armor? That's up to you to decide.
noice! i play the ps3 and am looking forward to further improvements! (fishron:passionate:) am comfortable with currrent controls, so maybe the new ideas can be alternate controls
Yeah, I think that the D-Pad could be set to do extra optional, settable actions if there was ever a toggle for turning off Item Shortcuts. Which is better handled with the hotbar.
To be sure, a larger update means more moving parts and thus more chance for bugs.

That said, that is different than content-locked intertanglements. Prerequisites and such. If there were an issue of that kind, it wouldn't be a bug that could be fixed absent fixing the content itself...and thus would render everyone's game possibly unplayable at parts.

So yeah, issues either way - but this would seem the lesser of two evils. /shrug

I respond on console and mobile as I can because - though Re-Logic doesn't directly work on those ports - we are the overall stewards of the franchise. As such, we do try to stay on top of all platforms and then push for what is needed.

Good Day, Terrarians!

Hot on the heels of our official Terraria on Nintendo reveal last week, we wanted to give you an update on our plans for the rest of the console platforms – and then to ask you, the community, for your invaluable input on a change we are looking to make as a part of these updates. So, without further ado, off we go:



Through a variety of issues, we wound up in a situation where the previously-launched “Additions” update did not wind up containing the entirety of Terraria 1.2.3 content. At the same time, we had started work on the next round of content – and, unfortunately, launching post-1.2.3 content into versions of the game that do not already have the full 1.2.3 update would cause all kinds of issues – for us and for you guys!

So, that leaves us at a crossroads of sorts – and here is what we have decided to do:

We will release the content below as one update – currently planned for the 4th Quarter of 2015 (Oct-Dec), though we will provide a more exact date as soon as possible
  • The remainder of the 1.2.3 content
  • Terraria 1.2.4, in its entirety, including (but not limited to):
  • Minecarts
  • Fishing
  • Duke Fishron
  • And much much more!

So, that – coupled with the recent mobile announcements – will mean that all of the existing Terraria console/mobile platforms will be up to the 1.2.4 level by the end of 2015! Nintendo being the exception, as it doesn’t launch until after the new year.

Beyond that, we have started looking into the 1.3 source code, and will share any plans there just as soon as we have them together.



As a part of the update later this year, we are looking to add some additional control schemes beyond the default that is currently in the game. These will likely be in the form of various “alternate” control setups that you would select from in the options menu.

That’s where you come in – we have listed the Default (as it exists today) below. We would love to have you – the community – propose your alternatives to us for possible inclusion in the coming update!

To submit your idea,
  • Make a post in this thread with your suggested changes.
  • Please note that we are only altering button configurations and not adding new functionality to the controller itself.
  • Also you MUST note which platform (Xbox/Playstation) you are addressing.

Action | Playstation | Xbox
Use Held Item/Attack|R1|RT
Activate Environment Object|O|B
Inventory| △|Y
Jump| X or L3|A or L3
Quick Buff|□|X
Left-Right-Up-Down Movement|Left Thumbstick|Left Thumbstick
Hotbar Selection|L2+R2|LB+RB
Smart Cursor Toggle|R3|Click Right Thumbstick
Use Bound Item|D-Pad|D-Pad

That's it for now! We are very much looking forward to seeing what awesome control scheme ideas you come up with - and to hopefully sharing some spoilers and additional information around the update coming later this year.

Thanks for your support, your feedback, and for everything else you do!
[DOUBLEPOST=1439074150,1439073938][/DOUBLEPOST]I would like to see some support for ps tv. It was a huge dissappointment that this game would not work for this system as it was a major purchase point for me.
I don't know if this was suggested or not, but for Xbox and Playstation, could we have shoulder buttons flip with triggers? Please?! It's so frustrating having to flip controls playing Playstation before or after playing Xbox controls and then when I need to use an item the most or grapple on a wall, I happen to switch items and DIE. Please allow this to happen! Also for Wii U, maybe add some GameCube controller compatability and 3DS controller compatability and while you're at it, allow player and world transfer on Wii U and 3DS? Maybe NNID cloud sync? Please?
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