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Texture Pack The YouTubers Texture Pack!



Hello there! It's me again, this time with a slightly larger texture pack! I've been meaning to make a texture pack for my Excalibur, but I didn't want it to be JUST that, so I decided to compile a few YouTuber resprites as well. So far we have:
- My Excalibur, true Excalibur, wings, armor, and shield (Excalibur, True Excalibur, angel wings, silver armor, silver sword hallowed armor, and Paladin's Shield)
- Radium's armor and weapons (Iron armor, cobalt shield, and Iron broadsword)
- WaffleTime's Waffle Costume (Mushroom Set)
- Waasephi's Spider armor, djinn's curse, wings, and jungle rose (Jungle Rose, djinn's curse, Jim's wings, and spider armor) (Made by Waasephi)
- Megaswave's Dragon (Dragon egg) (Made by Waasephi)
- Red Lunatic Cultist Robes and Follower Robes (Lunar Cultist Set and Lunatic Cultist Mask)
- Gage's Rat King Outfit and Rapier (Iron Shortsword and Ninja Set)
- Kyle 2's Space Marine Armor, Hoverboard and Futuristic Assault Rifle (Aaron's set, Hoverboard, and Minishark) (Hoverboard by Kyle 2)
- Kyle 1's Rifle, Jetpack, and Soviet Uniform (Musket, Jetpack, and Palm wood armor) (Shirt by Kyle 1, rest by me)
- X_Morphic's lawnmower lol (Lawnmower) (Made by X_Morphic)
- W4ckyDog's Cyborg Suit and Influx Waver (Superhero set and Influx Waver) (Made by W4ckyDog)
- Jetstreme's Penguin Clan (Certain types of penguins)
- Azuressure's Armored Maid Outfit (Maid Outfit)
- Cursing Aphid's Goldfish Pet (Shark Bait)
- TerraBro's Coat and Fedora (Wandering Set)
- Hallamska's Backpack (Architect's Gizmo Pack)
- ChippyGaming (Skeletron)
- CrabBar (Royal Scepter)
- DarkinBladeGaming's Deathbringer armor and sword (Crimson Armor and Blood Butcherer)
- BirdieGaming77's cockatoo pet (Parrot Cracker)
- TerraSmash's Dragon armor and wings (Tax Collector Set and Bat Wings)
- Afroman as the goddamn sun (sunglasses sun)
- Laugic's Vetruvian Costume and Longsword (Martian Costume Set and Cutlass)
- A tribute to Yrimir (Night's Edge)

If you have any other Terraria youtubers you think should get a few resprites, please tell me the youtuber and item and I'll see what I can do!
- Version 1.0: Initial Release. Has Radium, CrusaderAether, and WaffleTime
- Version 1.1: Added Waasephi and Megaswave
- Version 1.2: Added Red Lunatic and Gage from the Bee Squad
- Version 1.3: Added Kyle 2's armor and futuristic assault rifle as well as changed my holy swords
- Version 1.4: Added Kyle 2's hoverboard, my wings, Kyle1's Soviet uniform, rifle, and jetpack, X_Morphic's vortex beater and lawnmower, and W4ckyDog's Cyborg Suit and Influx Waver
- Version 1.5: Added CrusaderAether's holy army armor, Jetstreme's penguin clan, Azuressure armored maid outfit, Cursing Aphid's Goldfish pet, and TerraBro's coat and fedora. Also changed multiple armor sets and items
- Version 1.6: Added Gameraiders101's Mooshroom Outfit
- Version 1.7: Removed Vortex Beater, and added DarkinBladeGaming's Deathbringer armor and sword, BirdieGaming77's cockatoo pet, TerraSmash's regal dragon armor, and Afroman as the sunglasses sun. Also added inventory sprites for every item that didn't have one, and updated almost every texture in the pack.
- Version 1.8: Added Laugic's Vetruvian Costume and a tribute to Yrimir, as well as gave new translations for EVERY ITEM IN THE PACK
- Version 1.9: Removed Gameraiders and added Hallamska, Chippy, and CrabBar
Capture 2021-05-24 13_37_05.png

Capture 2021-04-26 11_53_56.png
Capture 2021-04-26 11_54_13.png
Capture 2021-04-26 11_54_33.png
Capture 2021-04-30 03_32_09.png

Screenshot (2126).png
Recently, I decided to make a version that is fully compatible with tmodloader!! This version will not be updated past version 1.7, but I hope you enjoy the pack! There are a few differences in where some of the armor is placed however. Those being:
- Azuressure's armor is now the nurse set
- W4ckydog's armor is now the cat set
- WaffleTime's armor is now the cactus set
- TerraBro's armor is now Leinfor's set
The Download is TexturePack.zip
Vanilla: Download YouTubers1-7.zip and put it in Documents -> My games -> Terraria -> ResourcePacks. Then open the game, hit workshop, and enable my pack!!

Tmodloader: Download TexturePack.zip and put it in Documents -> My games -> Terraria -> ModLoader -> Texture Packs. Then open tmodloader!!

Steam Workshop Page: Steam Workshop::The Terraria Influencer's Pack


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Skeletron Prime
Now I'm just thinking that someone's going to download this for Gameraiders stuff and Have no idea who the majority of us are. Still, great job and all the sprites Aether
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