Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

I've now learned for the first time that I can rip apart a HUGE amount of Jungle & STILL not be able to find any Fiberglass Fishing Rods... :mad:

As if the grinding involved with Fishing itself wasn't gonna be bad enough...
I've recently discovered that Shotgun-type weapons with piercing ammo are really good at crowd control, unless they have good knockback resistance.
Not a physical object, but I just learned what the tooltip for the Frozen Key was that says "It has been cursed by a powerful jungle creature" Referring to how beating Plantera is required to make it able to unlock that chest. I would guess the other keys have the same tooltip. (Excellent Aurora for not reading the tooltips on special keys until now:nursenaughty:)

Also this is my 1,400th post. I like that number which is why I mark it here.
There are only two modifiers on accessories that affect the critical chance rather than four, I just noticed it today when I checked the wiki because I can't remember another two possible modifiers of critical chance and found they are not exist.

Also, I recently found that the Rocket Launcher cannot receive speed modifiers so that its best one is Godly rather than Unreal.
The Vortex armor actually got a small-ish resprite after the 1.3 release date spoiler

Vortex armor compare.png
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