Console this guide will be for every platform that has 1.3.2 and up and a easy way to instantly beat the destroyer boss.


Skeletron Prime
so lets get started you will need two npcs one the party girl and the mechanic
for the mechanic wire cutter a wrench 400 wires and a switch
for the party girl choose a fire rocket color of your choice and get 3 or 4 stacks of fire rockets

you will also need wood platforms i would bring 600 or 500 of them

step 1 make 7 rows of 39 placed wood platforms make sure the fire rockets can fit to.

step 2 place the fire rockets on all of the wood platfoms

step 3 wire the fire rockets with your wrench if you make any mistakes use your wire cutter to break them

step 4 place your switch a little high from the ground but not to high so you can see the wire works

step 5 make sure you wired the switch first then after that summon the destroyer with the mechanical worm

step 6 make sure most of the destroyers body is in range of the fire works

step 7 press the switch and boom hes dead just like that.


Stev o crate

I suggest people just use the depth meter and build up to 550 blocks high, make a platform with blocks that is about 10 tiles wide, replace 2-4tiles in the middle with platforms, get a nimbus rod and some other weapons to defend yourself from the probes, summon the destroyer, use the nimbus rod on where the platforms are, and that all. The rod itself can deal with the destroyer and you all you have to do is avoid being killed by probes and DO NOT walk off or get close to the platform's edge or else destroyer will fire its laser at you, I suggest you build a wall that is about 6 tiles high at both ends of the platform you made. And make sure to remember to refresh the nimbus cloud because it will not stay until the destroyer dies


The Destroyer
Does this work on master mode, or on other mechanical bosses.
The destroyer would have a bunch more health on master mode, so I assume you'd need more fireworks to one shot it. The other 2 mechanical bosses are more shifty, so not sure this would be the most optimal for them. You could test it if you have the resources.


Skeletron Prime
hey there i wish i knew but im a console player so 1.4 aint here yet sorry but i would suggest do more fireworks then the amount shown.


First of we can't trust @RampageX he's the destroyer.
This is a joke don't sue me rampagex, it's just that your title is the destroyer
also does it work in expert
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