Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

It wasn't early. It looked awesome. My main complaint has been lack of transparency and communication. Long periods of silence.
The problem, as this thread can attest to, is that the look we got was about all there was to it. Some awesome ideas, but nothing of substance worth making a game out of. This happens constantly in the games development field, normally we just never hear of the project.


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I love Terraria, as do we all here. But man, I'd give my left nut to have you release a Terraria 2 and it be EXACTLY the same game as the first except with the art assets you created for T:OW.
Please, make it so.


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What exactly was terraria otherworld?
After 1.3 came out for PC, Redigit started working on a new game, Terraria Otherworld. (T:OW)

It had a Terraria theme, and feel, but with newer graphics, new mechanics, and new content all-round. (Except for some biomes, some biomes remained from Terraria, which was not a bad thing.)


Who knows, maybe they planned it that way lol.

Oh damn it was a tower defense / rpg hybrid? Now im actually kinda sad it got canceled, I only saw trailers of it but didn't know it had tower defense mechanics, that it such a dope concept.

Well, you can pretty much do the same thing in Terraria today with the Eternia Crystals.


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Well, you can pretty much do the same thing in Terraria today with the Eternia Crystals.

But fighting off an actual biome is much cooler than waves of enemies, cause we have the Moon Events, we already had "wave of enemy" events. (Goblin Invasion, Pirate Invasion, Slime Rain, Frost Legion, and Martian Madness use the same mechanic, except all the enemies are available from the start, and there's only one wave.)

But a biome constantly spreading, and you have to fight it off, and this time you actually get rewards for doing it? Perfect!
It's a new "Boss" "Enemy" that's harder to kill than any other boss, because it's constantly spreading again, and it takes a long long long long long time to fully kill it, because it's taken over the entire world.

What if before the events of Terraria take place, the events of Terraria: OtherWorld had to take place; purifying the world enough to use it.

Terraria is mostly grassy, normal, etc. but before, it wasn't like that, the "Corruption" or "Crimson" that you see in Terraria once took over the entire world, but then an adventurer named {NameOfTerrariaOtherWorldCharacter} purified it enough to use.

Heck, maybe Terraria came first, and that "Corruption" or "Crimson" spread, and Terraria: OtherWorld is a post-apocalyptic version of your older worlds...

That would explain the greater technology that we saw in the trailers, if it were later on.
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Mmh, I suppose.

I don't get why we couldn't use the purifiers in Terraria, though to be honest. And maybe the Purifiers work similarly to the Eternia crystals, where mobs spawn nearby and are very aggressive towards the thing itself?

That would be infinitely better than having to spray everything with the Clentaminator and then you'll probably miss a single stone block and 3 hours later the whole area is corrupt again.


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Looking forward for what is next to come.
[doublepost=1523895115,1523894857][/doublepost]It would be nice of you guys could release the files to the public as an unfinished product. I know that may be asking too much, but it would be nice to at least see how project worked.


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I guess that leads to my biggest concern though. Three or so years of troubled development and among that time you had extra help and evaluated and even restarted the project to an extent. I don't understand how the same issue won't arise in your next project, say Terraria 2 when that comes. I want to be happy and confident when you say that these ideas and mistakes will help you learn but essentially we have been told that for years now with OW. I guess what I ask is, how will your next projects be any different development wise that will make it succeed unlike this. You have reviewed and rewritten Otherworld many times over, isn't that essentially going to be the same as starting a new project?

Because we will be designing/developing whatever those are internally. While we have and will rely on external parties to help with things like our non-PC versions of Terraria, we learned from this process that we really need to keep the core work on our first party games in-house. No one knows Terraria like we know Terraria, if that makes any sense.

I think the biggest feeling of loss was on your side and we all apologize and wish things could have been better. I think what I ask is for more insight into these things as you had promised. Most of all though I hope things don't take the same road as it did with OW many times over.

Indeed. Definitely a sad, sad day for us - but we knew what needed to be done. We are making the changes via the lessons we learned just to avoid that very repeat situation.

Saying they have made a mistake and will fix it but never doing so.

What mistakes would that be on behalf of Re-Logic? Not getting back and sharing a ton of new info on OW? Should be a bit more clear now why that did not occur. What we had on-hand when transitioning teams was far, far behind what any of us had feared in regards to reaching the vision/goal. Sharing further spoilers and info when diving into that rabbit hole and seeing what was seen would have been foolish. Its not that the lessons of "talk more" were forgotten - its that they were leveraged fully. Saying "its looking good/bad/etc" in generic and nebulous terms during that review would have accomplished nothing more than to stoke the fires one way or the other. So it was, we had to stay quiet again until we knew the ultimate fate... and here we are.

Can we have a download for what has been made?

Afraid not. Tons of pitfalls and potential issues with that. :(

Literally 3 months ago ? "Anyone won't be able to shut us up" ? seriously ? If the game was in that kind of state why even give statements like this ?

Because that is from Pipeworks. The people involved in that tweet did not know that the decision that has been made would be made... because that would be impossible (or require time travel). Sometimes silence is necessary - and we have already owned the whole notion that this was hyped WAY too early in our initial post. Not sure what else to say?

Also Terraria is 7 Years old game, yes the updates are cool and stuff, but for how long, there is a community here mostly because of the mods, i doubt anyone gets hyped for getting 5 new items added in a new update. Also you guys shouldn't have expected to make a better game than Terraria. Because Terraria took 7 years to get to this state. You can't just replicate that in 2 years. But that's just my 2 cents.

Assuming a Terraria game has to START with 3500+ items to "be better" is a pretty narrow view. I would expect whatever that is (whenever it comes) will start smaller, but with a massive amount of room to grow and a much higher ceiling with a lot more possibilities. I'm not a coder, so that isn't some hint of what is to come or anything - just a general observation of how I would personally expect things to be.

Also, the playerbase is alive and well from any stats you want to look at. I am sure there are the "thousands of hours" players that fit into the "even mods are boring now" camp - but that is the vast minority... and new folks are arriving every day.

That said, absolutely, we need to get on to our "sophomore effort" at some point, and I'm sure we will when we feel the time is right. :)

You guys realize that most of Re-Logic WAS working on Terraria "1" right? Redigit was doing most of the work on T:OW, and then 505, and then Pipeworks, but still, most of Re-Logic was working on Terraria.

Indeed. The vast bulk of what we have was generated from Engine, with us in an advisory and guiding/design role. The core of our team has been focused on T1 - and since we announced Otherworld, that has included the launch of everything from 1.3 to 1.3.5 with 1.3.6 in the wings. :)

Maybe console terraria can bring in enough, but I'm kinda worried about how long the company can stay profitable and whether it can afford to develop a sequel the way you want to.

As we have said in the past, your support has always allowed us to operate in the manner that we prefer (and do). Being free from the harsh realities that beset so many small companies and projects, we don't have to make some of the bad choices you often see. Staying lean and agile helps too. I mean anything can happen, but we feel confident in the future. :)

Plus, Terraria PC is not doing to shabby at all.... not even remotely close to shabby.
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Sad to hear about otherworlds cancellation, however the assets and concepts created could be re-purposed and used in future updates of Terraria or the next Terraria game
I wanted to ask, but will all work on the project be completely deleted? if not, is it possible that maybe when a larger scale of projects are being completed, that T:OW might be brought up again?


i was mostly excited for the different gfx style T:OW had, it looked really amazing to me. sad to see it go this way.
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