Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

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  1. JJ12terrarian

    JJ12terrarian Terrarian

    I forgive you ^^ because after all you continue to evolve terraria! i love this x3

    can not wait to see what terraria has yet to offer! ;3
  2. Ryeun

    Ryeun Eye of Cthulhu

    u create 29th page

    MOBILE GAMER Terrarian

    So sad for the new but my hope is in terraria otherworld I will not lose my hope maybe future the other world will be releasere:sigh:
  4. Ryeun

    Ryeun Eye of Cthulhu

    Well, if they decide to continue working on it after Mobile 1.3 realises, and halt it when they need to work on it.
  5. KoopaTroopa2017

    KoopaTroopa2017 Terrarian

    I am very sad this game didnt come out but am i still happy that we still got to see what it would look like though;)
  6. Numbah18

    Numbah18 Spazmatism

    Respect for the official statement seems like only a few people are willing to do so these days. Sad to see Terraria Other World go but if you learned from all this and have some ideas you can still use then it's all good.
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  7. Haniel

    Haniel Terrarian

    Im really hoping that someday they'll reveal that they've been working on another "spin-off" Terraria in secret. I've many hours invested into Terraria, but I feel it lacks.. continuity. Lately I feel all I do in Terraria is build a base, get gear, farm bosses, move on to next boss, get better gear and so on and so forth untill the moon lord and then all over again. It lacks something truly "new".
  8. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Terrarian

    May Terraria: Otherworld rest in peace. *Bows head down in reverent silence...*