Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

You've never done wrong by us, not once. You maybe made mistakes as a company, as all companies have, but you've never once done wrong by your customers.

Which is why you've gotten the response you have. We're disappointed but still supportive of you as a company, and look forward to what you will do in the future.

I know I'm not alone in my respect for you that you didn't try to figure out how to monetize what you have in order to recoup losses. As gamers, we're all used to companies cashing in on the goodwill of their biggest fans.


It always kinda felt like Otherworld was nothing special
I mean you already have the spreading in normal Terraria
And we also have sentries now with the crossover event
Still, I am bummed to hear this. I was still pretty excited for this game, namely because of the art style
I feel outright cancellation was probably a little overkill, You still have all the assets. It would of probably been best to set it on the shelf and pick it back up at a time where things were more convenient.

Otherworld was looking on-par for a more combat-focused Terraria; and it looked nearly finished too.

Think of it as art: as an artist, at some point you're looking at a painting that isn't turning out, and you realize that trying to fix it will take more work than just starting over.

Worse, you realize that you've grown to dislike what the painting has turned into, and you don't have a passion for it anymore. Maybe logically it still has value, but the truth of the matter is your heart isn't in it anymore.
Sad news, but hopefully now you will focus on Terraria and add much more interesting and new things in game.
It was bound to happen at some point. Still, thanks for those teasers and trailers on the way.
I was looking forward to the OST of Terraria Otherworld, to be honest. But oh well.
Still, Terraria will have a great future. With the players and for example me, playing it and having fun with it.
Maybe there's a chance they'll give us the OST to listen to?
I will say that I am the wait and see type of person, so this was not a large blow to me personally but it is sad to watch something you was penitent about be canceled. Best of luck on any other updates to terraria or any other new project you seek to create.
I would be interested in seeing some sort of documentation about the development process of the game, where it was headed originally, where it was supposed to go after the restart and what ultimately lead to it being cancelled, accompanied with screenshots, artwork, developer comments and what not.
I agree, maybe even have a talk on GDC about it, me and many other developers are probably very curious about the process.
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So many mixed emotions on this. Part of me wants to meme and be like "Quality? Why does the pocket mirror still not combine with the anhk shield if quality is so important xd", but this clearly took a lot of time and effort from many people. Although I was not nearly as excited for otherworld as I was for new updates to the original. It still looked like it held potential. The decision to cancel the game must have been very hard and I respect you all for having the willpower to make it.

As chippy said a half an hour ago, I am much more excited for what's to come than I am sad. The experiences I've had playing the original terraria would definitely not be equaled by an alternete universe version of the game. I just don't see it. Although the game is not perfect, the original Terraria is a very good game. Making another game like it would take...well like you said too much time and effort. Hopefully some of the manpower put towards this project will help Terraria become a 'complete game', as you called it.

Because what is a game that still receives updates, but an incomplete one. Makes me wonder if otherworld could have been released even though it wasn't done in like an alpha form like minecraft. Then updated in a similar way when content was made. Thinking about it not sure if that sounds like a good idea or not. On paper it sounds like a bad idea but with minecraft it was a lot of fun to watch the game form around me.

Well, anyway good luck to the Re-Logic team. It sounds like you are interested in more than just terraria. You definitely have some good ideas. Can't wait to see them!
While I do miss that TOW will never come out, the base thing is there if they ever wanted to have a neat extra, the game that never was.
I some ways I'm sad to see this go, but in other ways, I'm happy to see official confirmation instead of it being put on indefinite hold. Hopefully everyone's efforts can be re-purposed to whatever project Re-Logic is cooking up next.
Alright, I can't say I'm not saddened by this; whether it was truly the right decision or not has already been established and frankly, with the increasing silences regarding any real game progress, it should've been obvious that this was gonna happen... As an artist, I definitely feel the pain that is "This doesn't match my vision, I'll just stop working on it." so I'm glad this step was taken.

Although, now I'm curious, what IS the policy regarding adding what would've been Otherworld items in a Terraria mod? (yknow, cause having something like those towers just as some decorative "statues" would be nice) Does it fall under the rule regarding "exclusive or removed content"?
'Tis unfortunate. At least you guys can put full focus on other projects though. Can' t wait to see what lies beyond 1.3.6 and the mobile/Switch releases!

On the side question: what will happen with the music? I really loved the audio tracks that were demoed a while back. Will those producers be putting those on SoundCloud or anything?
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Ah...'tis a shame to see what had a lot of potential to be scrapped. But I equally understand the reasoning why. We hadn't heard anything about Otherworld in almost a year, so I thought either they were very busily working at it, or something went wrong. Regardless, Otherworld will live on in our hearts as a "What if", and godspeed to Re-Logic for anything that is to come~
For me, this comes as more of a relief to know the game has been canceled and the like. Some amount of closure that wish I could have with other titles from a different, unrelated company.

Will wait to see what else the Re-Logic team might have in store for Terraria or other possible IPs that could one day come from you guys.
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