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Should I keep throwing out little updates here in there or stock pile a bunch of new things for 1.3?

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  1. Keep adding little things here and there!

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  2. You should let the new things build up!

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  1. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    I like the new banner :p
  2. Ruthless Chaos

    Ruthless Chaos Terrarian

    Don't know if this mod is the same as Tremor Remastered or Tremor is a another version of this mod, but still, great mod doe. Love it from the start.
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  3. Pandemonium135

    Pandemonium135 Terrarian

    You musy be "crazy". Tremor is terrible. No balance right from the start. Just a pile of items thrown in there. This mod is just so much better presented. And you know every moment what tier is next. And dont even get me started on the sprites.
    I know, I know you said "better". Just think it is straight out outrageous to compare them.
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  4. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Golem

    I think its amusing when people draw the parallels between Thorium and Tremor... Considering mine came out way before his and hes been known to borrow ideas from my mod with zero credit.

    Also, that's a pretty rude and unnecessary comment. How about being constructive in your criticism?
  5. ZadenYuki

    ZadenYuki Steampunker

    Compare to Thorium... Tremor is pretty bad
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    @DivermanSam btw you have to change the tag from tAPI to Tmodloader and release to WIP :D
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  6. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    This personally offends me
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  7. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    Tremor is a standalone mod, so don't tell nonsense.
  8. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Wait, wait, wait. What ideas have we borrowed from your mod? o_O
  9. Pandemonium135

    Pandemonium135 Terrarian

    Please let there be peace between modders. Even thogh it is easy to think of similarities like the coral set. It is such a good idea and anybody could think of that on their own.
    Also Thorium Mod is out now on Tmod! So anybody that relies on replies go check the thread out!
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  10. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    Flesh Items, Magma Items, Coral Items... Doesn't matter though, both are great mods. These topics are pretty universal so these things often happen.
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  11. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    What I wanna know is can both be run at the same time ??
  12. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    I don't have any bad words about this mod as it is great so I'm peaceful with it.

    Yes, maybe they resemble Thorium Mod items but we didn't copied them. And the Magma items (If you mean Magmonium) are even from @DerpoTheMagnificent suggestion so they don't have anything with this mod.
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  13. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    Exactly, that's what I thought 5 seconds after reading my own post and made edits accordingly.
    Both are cool. But these are just ideas that are commonly used and thus cause misconceptions.
  14. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    To say that these things are taken from Thorium mod is the same, which suggests that the Granite items stolen from Tremor mod, lol -_-
  15. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    Doesn't really matter, I plan on doing a playthrough with both mods. They're both great.
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  16. metalmario

    metalmario Plantera

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  17. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Golem

    I'm not talking about ideas. Coral, magma, flesh, these aren't my "totally original" ideas by an means, but when you have things like the toxic blade AND hilt, both needing to be combined, it's incredibly suspicious considering I had the exact same thing in tConfig. Impaled zombie with rusty sword? That was mine in tConfig too, you didn't even change the sprites. Not to mention various sprites are just Brutallamas with the littlest changes possible. That coral sword is literally his with 8 diffrent pixels.

    You've had that problem in the past with sprites. Your old magma and steel sets were barely changed from ours, so I'm reluctant to believe you came up with some of your ideas on the spot.

    The last thing I want is to have a problem with another modder, but you need to give credit for stuff you haven't come up with especially when it's strangly blatant. Just change the sprites some more or throw us some credit, that's all I ask. Its rude to take people's hard work without their permission... :(
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  18. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    Hell, I spent too much time on the creation of diverse content and the most fun and interesting sprites for our mod Tremor, but I did not even know that someone will start to accuse us of "stealing" :(. That's silly - many of these things exist in other mods, and were before that, but to say that we are stealing anything - I'm really becoming sick of it.

    I don't want war, because even our mod has a very deep history(each of us have developed their mods, even when Thorium Mod just appeared(Yes, all begins with tConfig), but we often fought for the most trivial things, and only realizing their mistakes, was able to assemble a team that now develops Tremor Mod. And Yes, sometimes that we were fighting over stolen things, but now we changed a lot and are focused on professional work.

    Good luck with the updated mod, Sam, I hope we will have no such conflicts in the future. (really hope;))
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  19. DracoLee

    DracoLee Terrarian

    I'm new to this mod how do I install it I already have Game Launcher and tAPI but whenever I launch nothing happens except for a noise, and a get a message I the logs folder saying that their was an error loading Images\CraftButton
  20. Pandemonium135

    Pandemonium135 Terrarian

    This will not work with 1.3. Search in the forums for the new Thorium Thread. And launch it with Tmod.
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