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PC Throwing Class Armors and Weapons?

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Hello Fellow Terrarians,

I've been playing the throwing class in the new update and I can't seem to find any throwing armors and weapons, besides the fossil gear. Does anybody know about any hardmode throwing class items or armors. I feel like I'm sort of screwed once I reach hard mode.


I haven't been able to find anything in the wiki or online. Kind of sucks because I'm loving everything else so far and having a new 'class' armor was nice but it will end when I move into hardmode. It's too bad they made some starter armor but couldn't carry it over.


Yeah, I'm relatively sure that throwables are only useful before hardmode, since there are no high damage throwables or throwables armor that become available after hardmode. I'm not 100% on that, but pretty close.

Ninja armor is worse than fossil armor.

The only thing you could really do is switch to themed weapon sets, like boomerangs, yoyos, and the magic dagger/vampire knives, or any other relevant weapons.
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