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    This page is a work in progress. Suggestions are always welcomed, however there may be a delay between your suggestion and my response as I reassess my own suggestions.

    1.3 brought a great many changes to Terraria. One of the most unexpected of these changes, albeit made somewhat enjoyable early-game, was the distinction of throwing weapons as their own damage type. I'd like to open this thread by saying that all throwing weapons- while serving as their own unique subclass- should, at the end of the day, count as ranged weapons. Just as bullet damage, arrow damage and explosive damage are considered unique forms of ranged damage (each still able to receive buffs unique to them, I might add) throwing weapons should also count as ranged damage. Distinction between various forms of ranged damage should be allowed, but distinguishing one form of ranged damage from all others fundamentally alters the way these weapons interact with higher-tier accessories and armor sets in a way that renders them virtually useless at later stages of gameplay. That in mind, let's continue.

    Proposed changes:

    -Count throwing damage as ranged damage.
    Simple enough, right? Just as bullet, rocket, and arrow damage all count as ranged damage and receive buffs from ranged accessories and armors (while still being being distinguishable as their own sub-classes), throwing weapons should also be counted as a form of ranged damage.

    -Convert the following weapons from melee damage to throwing/ranged damage:
    All Boomerangs.
    The Flying Knife.
    Vampire Knives.
    The Shadowflame Knife.
    The Daybreak.

    Let's talk about the bone glove. This weapon is unique in that it is listed as a throwing weapon, but uses ammo- bones- and as such can be reforged with the 'unreal' modifier. What if, say, we took the idea of a 'throwing glove' and came up with a weapon that allows one to 'throw' darts- rather than 'blow' them out of a blowgun or 'fire' them out of a dart gun? What if you could do the same with arrows?

    Well, you could do both if these two weapons were put in the game:

    Dart Flinger
    Throws empowered darts
    33% chance to not consume dart
    Inflicts poison.

    Arrow Flinger
    Throws empowered arrows
    33% chance to not consume arrow

    Now, when I say empowered- I mean fast-moving projectiles that are considerably more accurate, deal more damage, but do not drop as items after firing. Parallels could be drawn to the Marrow, a hardmode bow that converts all arrows into bone arrows- which have no special attributes or inflict any sort of debuff (assuming we're still talking arrows) even if you are using higher-tiered arrows that would otherwise do so. You may be asking: "Why would I ever want to do this?" The answer is simple; it gives you an alternative way of dealing damage. In the same way that gun-users benefit from carrying both a shotgun and a sniper rifle into battle, bow users could benefit from having one weapon that fires the arrow of their choice, and one that allows them to fling a single fast-moving arrow to pick off targets from a distance. Or if you're a die-hard throwing fan, gain the ability to switch between piercing or sticking weapons such as throwing knives or javelins and a precision-based throwing weapon that utilizes an ammo type that you would otherwise have never made proper use of. As for the dart flinger- you'd still inflict the poisoned debuff (as the base-level dart is the poison dart) but the projectile would follow a straighter path, move at a higher velocity, etc- but would use darts exclusively as a form of ammo as opposed to allowing for the collection and weaponization of seeds- which would justify the use of a blowpipe or blowgun if an adequate supply of stingers cannot be maintained. These weapons could be found in chests or serve as rare drops from enemies of an appropriate tier- the idea isn't to make them a staple of the throwable weapon class, but merely to give them something of a presence pre-hardmode and add variety in the same manner as boomerangs and flails in the game's current state.

    But why stop there?

    In addition to various upgrades of these 'flinging gloves'- which would convert basic ammo types into more complex variations for higher tiers, (See Crystal Darts, Hellfire Arrows, and Pulse Bow for possible ammo types) let us not forget the current slew of throwing weapons. We have throwing knives, shurikens, javelins- all of which could use a few upgrades down the line. Here are a few ideas that I- and you, the community- have come up with:

    Throwing Stars: (Courtesy of Private Cupcakes)
    Pierces indefinitely, unaffected by gravity.
    Crafted with shurikens and fallen stars.
    (Upgrade to Shurikens)

    Venom Knife:
    Inflicts Venom
    Crafted with throwing knives and vial of venom.
    (Upgrade to Poisoned Knives)

    Icefire Drink:
    Inflicts Frostburn
    Crafted with flask of fire, silk, ice torch, and pink gel.
    (Upgrade to Molotov Cocktail)

    Hellfire Javelin:
    Sticks to an enemy- then explodes.
    Crafted with hellstone bars.
    (Upgrade to Bone Javelin)

    Crystal Shuriken:
    Pierces enemies, shatters on contact with terrain.
    Crafted with shurikens, crystal shards.
    (Upgrade to Shurikens)

    Cursed/Ichor Grenades: (Courtesy of Private Cupcakes)
    On explosion, cursed flame/ichor themed projectiles are released, which inflict the corresponding debuff.
    Crafted with grenades and Cursed Flame or Ichor.
    (Upgrade to Grenades)

    The above suggestions would allow players the option to enter hardmode as a thrower, while the following suggestions will be geared more towards carving out the throwing class's role through to the end of the game. With throwing damage qualifying as ranged damage- most hardmode ranged armors would also serve as throwing armors. The only exception is the Shroomite set. My proposed solution is a fourth helmet that yields throwing damage rather than arrow/bullet/rocket damage, while still maintaining the set bonus. Here's the stats:

    Shroomite Hood: (thoughts on the name?)
    15% increased throwing damage
    5% ranged critical strike chance
    11 defense

    I'm still taking suggestions, with more to come from my end as well.
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    I love this suggestion. It would easily make the throwing class viable in hardmode, though I think there should be something more toward the end of pre-hardmode. Since grenades have been converted to throwing damage, how about this?

    Cursed/Ichor Grenade

    Crafted with grenades and Cursed Flame or Ichor.
    On explosion, Cursed Flames explode out similarly to the Molotov Cocktail, or Ichor projectiles similar to the golden shower's fly out.
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    First of all, I'm glad you enjoyed! This is in many ways an incomplete suggestion post, one of the primary ingredients being feedback from people like you. Let's take a look at your suggestion, shall we?

    Alright, I'm sold. I love explosives, haha. No but really- both of these weapons would make for great additions to the game. Cursed grenades would obviously do a heck of a lot of damage- and they could even be considered upgrades to my upgrade to the molotov cocktail- because as we know, cursed flames do more damage than the frostburn debuff. As for the Ichor grenade, well- since Ichor lowers the enemy's defense- I'd imagine that a few consecutive ichor grenades could two-shot most anything. I'm going to go ahead and add these to the first post.

    As for that special something towards the end of pre-hardmode, I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Hellstone. There may be a few more surprises in store, but from here the main goal is to continue on into the later stages of hardmode and focus more on builds geared towards that stage of the game.
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    Thanks! It may just be me and my inner noob, but maybe there should be something between the normal shurikens / throwing knifes. Besides that, I have a silly idea.

    Throwing Stars
    Crafted with Shurikens and Fallen Stars
    Acts similarly to Jester's Arrows, i.e. it is unaffected by gravity and is luminous.
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    I like the idea of jester-arrow styled shurikens, and I've gone through and examined some of the hardmode armors to see where the throwing class fits in over the long run. A shroomite helmet variant has been posted- so next up is vortex gear. Still pondering new ideas along the way, and continuing to keep an eye open for yours. Cheers.
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    I really like the throwing stars and ichor/cursed grenades, they sound very fun to use :p maybe you could consider adding Shadowflame Explosives or Shurikens as a drop from the goblin summoner?
    As a side note, I feel like Shroomite Kabuto could be a good name for the helmet.