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Story Till the end


Chapter 1: Why
I had just woken up in bed and flipped over to see that it was my little brothers birthday, so being the responsible older brother I was I decided to go back to sleep because it was still 2:00 in the morning (this story will use the U.S central time zone, so yeah.) I had the weirdest dream about a octopus king who enslaved the chicken queens pet lizard, yeah my imagination is somewhere between completly awesome or completly :red:ed, so as it was now 7:00 in the morning so I thought that I could help my mom prep, now something you should know is my brother is 5 years old and not as intellegent as he should be, lacked basic social skills and, well my way of saying he was diagnosed with mental :red:ation, but I love my little bro regardless so me and mom started baking the cake when we heard someone knock on the door,it was my uncle, he was here to help us with pre-party things my little brother loves pirates for some reason so that was the theme, to be honest hanging up decorational pirate ships and wearing a giant foam hat was very degrading, morally and physically.

So now we had gotten it all ready, and for some reason the ground kept rumbling,but I decided to shake that off (all the puns) and keep helping, my mom had to make sure I looked as humiliating as possible but in reality i prefered my tux and sun glasses, so my brother starts crying up stairs, I always feal horrible when he breaks out in these fit sort of things because I know its not his fault he is like this and, nevermind gotta get back on track.
The rumbling kept getting more violant until up around 4:47 in the afternoon, then the weirdest thing happened I thought I was still sleeping up until the point where the couch had litterally turned into human flesh and started bleeding all over so that was interesting to say the least, but the next thing came and went and came and went until we were so freaked out we decided to leave the house, all the guests had left prior to this, thank god but then the sewer lid thing flew off ina flash of red light and the some sort of demonic creatures were spewing out everywhere and just started killing people left and right taking my mom and brother with.

In a fit of rage I charged at one of the demons, as I realised i was being held up kicking and screaming and crying (not my proudest moment) the demon was using some sort of magic and he kept my eyes open, it felt like something was leaving my body until everything went dark and all I felt was rumbling.

P.s so this is the end of the chapter now I don't know when I will work on these but I enjoy doing it now please cut me a little slack this is my first story chapter and i'm writing on a tablet so it is a pain in the :red: and hard to not have spelling errors.
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