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Tinkers for "Useless" Accessories


Empress of Light
I believe the title is self-explanatory, as these are some simple ideas I have that could make some neglected accessories more useful.

First, the Pocket Mirror. A rare drop from a rare enemy that only provides immunity to a debuff from said rare enemy.
Well, I propose the Mirror Shield, a combination of the Pocket Mirror and Ankh Shield. Despite being an obvious Zelda reference, it ups the defence value from 4 to 5, and adds immunity to Stoned. It also gives a very minor thorns effect, as it can "reflect" 10% of damage dealt to you back at enemies, after your defence is factored in. Because this accessory would no doubt be something sought after, I would also propose increasing the drop rate of the Pocket Mirror somewhat.

Second, the Flying Carpet. Despite being a very useful accessory early on, it loses most of its usefulness in Hardmode when wings become available.
My idea for it is the Magic Carpet, an upgrade crafted with 20 Souls of Flight. It essentially turns the carpet into an early hardmode version of the Hoverboard, with a flight time similar to the worst early hardmode wings, and with the horizontal flight functionality.

Finally, the Shark Tooth Necklace. It is fairly useful when you first get it, and can potentially be useful later on, but you will likely swap it out for accessories that can greater increase your damage output.
Here, I propose the Avenger Necklace (or something to that effect), which simply combines the Shark Tooth Necklace with the Avenger Emblem, granting a clean 10% damage and 5 armour penetration. I don't think this would be overpowered, as the low-damage weapons that benefit from the armour penetration don't benefit much from the extra damage, and vice-versa for high damage weapons.

That is everything I have thought of currently. I know the game is no longer receiving content, but these ideas are more just for fun. Let me know if there are any improvements I could make, or if there are any other accessories that deserve some love.
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