Tips on Wall of Flesh Expert Mode

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  1. Rookas

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    You are pretty behind. Terra blade is no longer the best weapon, we have mounts that infinitely fly, and yes, he'd be in molten armor.
  2. RishiC

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    Hi Guys, if you're having trouble killing wall of flesh, here is my tutorial. makes it quick and easy with all Pre-Hard mode gear!

  3. Aurora3500

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    The Hellwing Bow is the best weapon available if you can find one in a Shadow Chest, though this also requires defeating Skeletron beforehand to gain access to the Shadow Key. You can also use weapons like the Phoenix Blaster or other Shadow Chest Weapons instead if you prefer.

    Some alternative ways that don't require defeating Skeletron is to grind Demons for the Demon Scythe Weapon and to stock up on a lot of Mana Potions, using the Molten Fury Bow crafted from Hellstone, or using the Minishark. Going pure Melee against Expert WoF is very difficult.

    Either way, having a bridge at least 3000 blocks long across the Underworld is strongly recommended. 500-1000 is more than enough for Normal Mode, but on Expert Mode the WoF moves a lot faster which requires more traversing across Terrain which is easier to do if you change the terrain to be optimal for your movements.
  4. Mistermavin96

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    Plant Sunflowers, use Honey, build a bridge, use Water Walking and the Bunny Mount, Hellwing Bow, Beenades, or Jester Arrow-Molten Fury all work equally well.
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    oh, campfires and heart lanturns, and the water walking are for if you run out of space on your bridge
  5. Demogarose

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    I'll throw my hat in the "long bridge and Bee-nades pile.

    literally the only thing you need to do is run away as fast as you can, tossing bee-nades behind you. honestly building the bridge is harder than killing the wall with this strategy (due to hell mobs constantly getting in your way while building)
  6. Mistermavin96

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    I have to say that the bee-nades+long bridge takes so muh longer than the other strategies, and plus break all challenge runs. try Water-walking + Bunny, no bridge needed
  7. alpox

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    Well i got him on the 1st try xD you need a lot of potions and the beesknees with normal arrows try it!
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    or use the shield of cthuhulu with a featherfall potion
  8. Arch demon

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    for bosses in general if you're having trouble with one you might want to consider making a house in the arina for the nurse and dryad
  9. Meowmere Lord

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    For PC I cant help much there. BUT if you are on mobile I killed wall of flesh with 5 holy hand grenades so about 10 or so will work for expert mode