Biomes & Nature [Tobbvald's Tinkering] The Contagion (f.k.a. Corrosion)

I thought I'd spice things up a bit. I think that the "suspicious" -thing is too established, there are already two named in that manner, I see no real need for a third, especially one that breaks the pattern.
Ah yes, that makes sense.
How about Grub of Bereavement?
Don't think there is a banner for any specific part of this web of brilliance, just the Tobbvald's Tinkering banner to support the whole thing.
Well, I agree with basically all he makes, so yeah.

EDIT: I've decided to simply list my supports in pretty colors to get people interested.
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This is incredible! It's well-balanced, interesting, and the sprites are phenomenal! I'd love to be able to actually explore a biome like this in Terraria.
This would be totally awesome to check out in-game! I love the idea of three evil and good biomes that you keep bringing up, and I happily support all of it.
This is an amazing suggestion that I would love to see make its way into the game. My only quip is that the Brink of Deformity seems much less dangerous compared to the Night's Edge and the Wrath of the Gods. It seems like the blade needs a bit of thickening up so that it doesn't seem like it'll shatter the instant you stab something.
I supported the Covert, and i will support this too. Terraria needs a swampy biome. +1, like and Chuck Norris seal of approval.
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