Biomes & Nature [Tobbvald's Tinkering] The Contagion (f.k.a. Corrosion)

Good idea. I like it almost as much as the sclerepugnant idea.
(If you havent seen it then you should at least look at it.)
Ooh this is absolutely perfect for my main character cause I base my characters off of my own original characters and my main one is centered around diseases plagues etc. Sadly right now the best she can do is the crimson's necrotic flesh
Is there a support banner for this?

Also, just one thing. With this, it will make the chance of getting any of the 3 biomes more different. So, in case your character ever needs something from one of the other biomes, and you don't want to wait to make a new world only for it to be the one you already had, there should be a game mechanic available once one of your worlds is in hardmode where you can choose your evil biome before you make it.

Also, I don't think that there needs to be a new Night's Edge, just make your special sword combine to make the Night's Edge. (Considering the Crimson Sword makes the Night's Edge)

Other than that, this is beautiful.
Holy - ! This is incredible! I love the 'rotting' theme as it goes with the demonic and gory themes. Your sprites and idea are amazing! I will be so disappointed if this isn't added.
it took me awhile to notice whats missing from this butt now that i have it keeps bugging me this is suposed to bee a counterpart to the corruption/crimson which should mean it can spread like them yet there is no contagion varient of sand or ice nor is there a clentaminator solution to manualy spread it and im pretty sure i didnt see the biomes unique water color anywhere on the page
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