Weapons & Equip Tornado in a bottle - Dance through the sky

Lord Ruby

The tornado in a bottle would be an accessory that works exactly like wings. It would be the same tier as the butterfly wings or maybe the angel wings.

The only difference between this and other wings would be the flying animation, while wearing the tornado in the bottle the flying animation would be mostly the same as the sandstorm in a bottle's double jump, except it would make small winds instead of sand puffs and it would work like wings, the player would still spin. The tornado in a bottle would be invisible on the character.

1 cloud in a bottle (or any of the other double-jump bottles) +
20 souls of flight

I'll make a sprite tomorrow, it's late

I want this because I want my character to dance through sky.
I do like the bottle accessories, and have been wanting a hardmode one. This would be a more fun sandstorm bottle and it's guaranteed in a world! I want one.
*groans* I can't get involved in this. Too many warnings already.

I'll let myself out, but I'll say one thing first.

Great minds think alike.
These aren't alike, I prefer yours because it acts like a bottle accessory rather than wings.

This is a good suggestion but still doesn't quite fit the rest of the bottles.

I do like wings that don't look like wings however.
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