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tModLoader Touhou Mod by TheAbsentSoul/Wensomt

Vote for a stage five boss

  • Touhou 5: Yumeko

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 6: Sakuya

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Touhou 7: Youmu

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 8: Reisen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 10: Sanae

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 11: Rin

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 12: Shou

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 13: Mononobe

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 14: Seija

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 15: Clownpiece

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touhou 16: Satono & Mai

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


- Welcome to the early devolopment Touhou mod -
This is a fanmade mod based on the bullet hell series of Touhou
if this description is as long as I plan it's going to be a book
here's the general breakdown of this mod


A break down of the stuff added in the major v1.2.0 update

- ! Two new bosses, Alice and Marisa (see "Progression" on details for summoning items)
- Weapons and Items dropped by the new bosses
- Cleaner graphics for power/point items
- Spell Cards no longer pause the boss's attack pattern and rather destroy projectiles based on the card used
- True green eyed beast functions slightly differently
- Removed Shrine Maiden Town NPC
- Anything once sold by the NPC can now be crafted
- Cleaned up the code lasers but will be modified again soon
- Spell Card dropped from Parsee is now properly called "Green Eyed Monster"
- Parsee now instantly creates a clone
- Moonlight Amulet creates moonlight orbs less often and the orbs themselves are less visible and have a buff showing the effect is active
- WhirlBlade items are faster, have shorter use time, have higher damage, and a cool-down debuff
- Hakurei Blessings are now more effective
- Changed the envy set bonus to increase critical damage
- Multiple other small changes

! Take note this mod is in development and by no means is it currently perfect
! If you don't know much about touhou, this mod mod will be difficult ; My brother (aka test monkey)
has proved this multiple times (He thinks Parsee is more difficult than Moon Lord... On expert)
! Help in the sprites category would be greatly appreciated
! Trying to run away from bosses is a poor choice, as you will be punished by the gods who will not approve of you fleeing

- 4 Bosses
- 4 sets of armor
- 9 asscessories
- 10 tools
- 81 weapons that are currently implemented (there are a bunch of WIP weapons)
- 31 items
- 17 consumables
- 5 tiles
- About 140 total items


Player in Moonlight Armor using the Moonlight bow

Player fighting king slime in envy armor with the green eyed beast

Player using a Spellcard (Love Sign : Master Spark)

Player Fighting Rumia
Moonlight Rays (left)
Night Bird (right)


Player Battling Parsee
Jealousy of the Kind and Lovely (left)
Green eyed Monster (right)

Player using a whirlblade (ring of fire)​
-Purity Staffs now have divine damage (new damage type)
-Silver Knifes now have thrown damage
-new weapon: Roukanken
-now can be download from mod browser
update by Wensomt

-update to new version tmodloader
-summoners items has a longer duration but less damage
update by Wensomt

-Bosses now have own theme
-now work on new version tmodloader :)
update by Wensomt

-Bosses now have sounds to them
-Danmaku leaves behind a cosmetic residue when destroyed via spellcard, boss stage transition, etc.
-The range of the faith punishment debuff has been converted into a circular range rather than a horizontal one
-A few minor changes to Rumia's attack patterns
-Green Eyed Monster (Spellcard) has a shorter duration in creating projectiles and a longer lifespan of the projectiles created by it
-Green Eyed Monster (Spellcard) has lower damage to encourage it as more of a defensive item rather than offensive
-Lowered damage of both the True Green Eyed Beast and Green Eyed Beast
-Reduced the severity of the movement reduction by the faith punishment

-Lasers are now less buggy
-War Armor has a greater summon damage reduction
-War Armor Set bonus now applies to all damage types
-Envy Buckler now has buffs showing the intensity of the bonus
-Envy Buckler now has a reduced max bonus
-Envy Buckler bonus reduces by 1% per hit rather than 2%
-Grimoire of Alice has greatly reduced knockback
-Changed the function of the Throwing Star
-Yin Yang Charms are less visible
-Yin Yang Charms only shoot if there is a nearby target
-Yin Yang Charm also aim in the target's general direction
-Bosses now drop Hakurai Blessings rather than lesser healing pots
-Rumia now uses the updated lasers
-Rumia is slightly smaller
-Nerfed Shanghai Doll

- See top of the page

-Mod should load properly now
-Spellcards / Bosses when changing stages or on death removes all projectiles, no more stages merging with each other
-A B C weapons have changed dramatically
-Bosses deal less damage
-Reduced stats on moonlight and envy armor
-Reduced number of bounces in moonlight rays spellcard and moonlight bow projectile
-Faithful Punishment doesn't decrease movement speed as much
-Homepage added
-Many projectiles have reduced lifespans
-Tools have modified damage
-Envy pickaxe mines faster

- Hopeful made it such that the mod works... (Sorry the errors never showed up when I compiled it, shoutout to Roxxz for pointing it out to me)
- More Marisa WIP weapons including a Love Sign : Master Spark Spellcard

- Added Whirl Blades, weapons crafted out of some bars (currently silver to hellstone), hold on tight
- Hakurei Blessings now have drinking sound
- Bosses have vanilla boss music (temp)
- Some progression on Marisa's Weapons (they're are still a WIP and unobtainable but feel free to try them out)

- Rumia now drops Moonlight dust
- Rumia drops fewer spell cards
- Moonlight burst, true moonlight burst, moonlight bow
have slightly reduced damage
- Moonlight armor has reduced defense
- Moonlight Amulet gives +1 armor penetration per orb
- Reimu (hopefully) moves in when you have a yin yang orb in your inventory
- Yin Yang Charms do slightly less damage
- Trophies / Music Boxes Drop from bosses but do not work currently (sound files are huge so until I can cut them down in size it will stay this way)
- Bosses now have music

After killing the eye of Cthulhu, you get an item which you can use to create a danmaku table, which allows the player to craft practically everything from the mod, bosses can be summoned with flag to which the recipes are shown below

the Recipes and times to fight the bosses are as shown
Stage 1 (Eye of Cthulhu - Skeletron)
- (1) wood
- (3) silk
- (3) Demonite / Crimtane Bar
+ One extra item
Stage 2 (Skeletron - WOF)
- (1) wood
- (3) silk
- (20) bones
+ One extra item
Stage 3 (One Mech. Boss Downed - Three Mech. Bosses Downed)
- (1) wood
- (3) silk
- (3) hallowed bars
+ One extra item
Stage 4 (Three Mech. Bosses Downed - Golem)
- (1) wood
- (3) silk
- (3) chlorophyte bars
+ One extra item
Stage 5 - 6
- N/a

Bosses ((---) is the extra item for creating the flag)
Stage 1 Bosses
-Rumia (Fallen Star)

Stage 2 Bosses
- Parsee (Emerald)

Stage 3 Bosses
- Alice (book)

Stage 4 Bosses
- Marisa (moonlight dust)

Stage 5 - 6
- N/a

Trophies (currently WIP)
Rather than hanging something on your wall
or wearing the boss's face
the trophies are music boxes that play
the boss's or stage theme (or remixed version)

Expert Content
(*) means it has a chance to drop when the boss
changes stages or dies
(**) means it's crafted

-Spell Cards : The boss expert mode item you get are consumables with high attack power (the number you get is based on how powerful the card is)
-Large Power Item (*) : Upgrades a weapon to its true form
-Large Point Item (*) : Sells for a decent amount
-True Weapons (**) : upgraded weapons through the use of Large Power Items

! Trying to run away from the bosses is a poor choice, as you will be punished by the gods who will not approve of you fleeing

- Downloads -
On the In-game browser

Help in spriting will always be helpful and very well seen
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Ok 5 stage boss will be sakuya.
If someone have some ideas for weapons,armor write here or to me.
[doublepost=1548055569,1548055304][/doublepost]So when we know who will be 5 stage boss i will made another poll for final boss for more votes on her.
I have a few ideas for weapons and armor.
1: Broom {spear type weapon} to "clean" all the "trash".
2: Rapier {dagger/long sword type weapon} to represent sakuya's elegance. It would also have a "charge attack" that would basically work like this: the player would charge at the enemies and the player would either bounce away on enemy hit or the player would go through them {which would cause the player to be immune to attacks for the time charging}.
3: Maid dress with 2 variants (if it's not a big deal). Normal one and touhouvania one {one variant would focus on throwing damage and the other one would focus on melee damage}
And if possible a pocket watch that could stop/slow down time for a few seconds with a 3-ish min cooldown.

Also i found a bug, you can cancel the "blessed cooldown" debuff by right clicking it.


pocket watch will stop everything for few seconds and will have cooldown but first i must made saykuya and it is very hard(no boss in mods is so difficult compared to this mod)
Ye i can tell that coding those bullet patterns must be pretty hard since you try to make em look just like in the official games, so take your time. Either way good luck with coding them.


Epic bosses battles! Difficult for a melee fighter but too fresh the changes of AI while fighting, is insteresting not to know what is the next mechanic in their attacks.
I will be waiting for the next updates and I already voted for Remilia but it will fun that sometime during the battle comes Flandre to help her!
... and 'some' situations are as big as one sees them.

Sorry if was weird my english (Not native).

Good luck.
So lately i found another bug, this time it's related to bosses. Basically if you'll slow them down they will fall underground and despawn after a short while. Or maybe that happened cuz it was a modded debuff.


I have ideas for weapons :
Melee: something like arkhalis
Magic: throw one single knife what price all enemy and slow them.
Ranged: its bow what you can shoot knife (new arrow)
Summon: summon 4 knifes what go in direction were you click
Throw: like vampires knifes what not heal
True Throw:left click to set knifes (they stay)
Right lick to run them
Accesory: Pocket watch- slow time a little
Armor full set bonus: create knife what slow fly when you doing damage
Say me what you think about this
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Btw if you choose easier boss to implement boss will be speedier made (for example utsuho easy to make(only last spell will be harder), remilia hard (stupid AI bullets god art "vampire illusion" and last spell)). But first i must made sakuya
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