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Toxijuice's Dark Inventory Slots (UI)


Exquisite! You know what you're doing I gotta say. I'm a Journey Mode Player and the only thing I can say is I can't wait till you got some time / motivation to work on that interface which probably is the last thing that needs to be done more or less, right? Again: Thanks for your time.

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Duke Fishron
This HUD is looking clean, ill be here for when you have more freetime to update this for sure


The Destroyer
While people have already clamored for this texture pack to be backported to in tModLoader, I'm here wishing the numerous blue GUI boxes in the majority of the main menu outside of a player in a world were darkened in the style of the designs shown with the inventory and such. Can't sport a uniform, dark look when the achievements screen is still filled with a bright, saturated blue.


Bro this is so cool this inspired me make my own texture pack for the health bars similar to this, like this is one of the best ones out there


Pixel Pirate
Hey there!

I made this to test how the texture pack workflow is, but liked how it turned out, so figured I'd share it.

EDIT: I'm unsure if it's possible to change the thread title, but I've added health and mana bars in addition to the inventory slots.
EDIT AGAIN: Added a minimap.

Inventory Slots:

Health and Mana:



Stardust Pillar
I don't know why I haven't posted here yet, I absolutely LOVE this texture pack, and I also love the health and mana slot pack. They look amazing!
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