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I'd like to trade some of my moon lord drops with some of yours!

I'm currently looking for:
1 x Starwrath
1 x SDMG

Trade closed! Thanks. :)

I can trade them with:
3 x Celebration
4 x Terrarian
1 x Last Prism
1 x Meowmere
3 x Lunar Portal Staff
1 x Lunar Flare
1 x Rainbow Crystal Staff

- Please do not offer money or any other items since I am buried in both. I am only interested in trading for the Starwrath and SDMG. I will ignore posts without the proper item for trade.
- As a bonus I can also give some extra drops from the martian invasion. I don't have any mounts to trade though.
- As another bonus I'll give you a Suspicious Tentacle and Gravity Globe if you can trade 2 or more of the items I'm looking for. No longer applicable, I'm only looking for one more item.
- As a new bonus, I'll give you any three Moon Lord drops that are listed above for 1 SDMG.

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