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PC Trading Developer Sets


Hi, I am looking to exchange some developers sets as I am always getting the same ones even though I am still missing a ton of them (edit: that is, when I started this thread). :)

Here's what I've got to offer:
  • Loki's (comes with 4x dye)
  • Lazure's (comes with weapon: yoyo)
  • Jim's
  • Safeman's
  • Crowno's
  • Red's (comes with weapon: yoyo)
  • Yoraiz0r's (comes with additional vanity)
  • Ghostar's
  • Grox's

Here's what I am looking for:
  • Skiphs'
  • Cenx's Dress

Check the wiki for reference of how they look like.

I am only trading full sets against full sets - so for instance, Loki's set must come with Loki's Dye as well, and with Lazure's set you get the Valkyrie Yoyo, too.
I am only trading one set against one other. However, should money be relevant to you, I am willing to add 10 plat on top of my offer as a bonus.

All of my developers sets (as well as the money) are obtained through normal gameplay and are not duped. I would hope that the same is true for your items should you make an offer.


Edit: And of course I forgot to mention, this is not in Journey mode.
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Hi Ahmed, it looks like Terraria 1.4 is not yet released on Switch.
so that means we won't be able to trade, sadly.


Hi I have a set of Jim's with his wings, do you still have a D-Town set for trade? (I'm asleep, but you can still add me on steam, my username is Dimitri The Meat Tree, ill message you when i'm awake)
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Official Terrarian
Hi Holly,

Do you still have an Arkhalis set?
I can give you Safeman's set for it. Can add in any rare equipment item of your choice, universal pylons. Also have a spare Lazure set.

Best regards.

P.s. Alternatively I can give you Will's set instead.


Official Terrarian

Okay thanks for letting me know. Should you find another one I can give you two full dev sets (currently Will's plus Safemans's) on your wanted list 👍!
If it's easier, we can also exchange the sword and outfit separately for the dev sets.

Best regards.
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thanks a lot to @glider521al and also thanks to the Golem I am now only missing the Skiphs' developer set.
the assortment of sets I have up for trade also expanded quite significantly, so I updated the OP with new screenshots.
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