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Other Art TRAPPED IN THE NOTHING: An Epic of Anti-Infinitesimal Proportions




Just over five year's ago, at the age of 14, I started a forum-adventure/webcomic on the now-defunct "Indie Gamers' Forum". It started by following the adventures of Line, a string of black pixels in a white void known as the "Metabyss". Very quickly it expanded into an odyssey across absence itself, featuring gods, Anti-Gods, civil war, multiverse-wide conspiracy and (occasionally) disco.

Unfortunately that forum is was hosted on is now defunct, and the thread-archiving process didn't quite work on my end. So using the raw materials I still had on my computer I basically reworked it , cleaning up everything from minor story beats to presentation. I'm glad to say that archiving process is now done (though I feel I need to go back and so some more minor refining), complete with endnotes for context.

I wrote it and made the art; various forum members provided the commands I took as creative prompts. Most of the regular command-makers are either veterans or former members of TO and TCF, actually: W1K, connery0, Maplestrip... people like that.

Read it HERE!

It's very much influenced by the likes of MSPA (i.e. Homestuck), as well as "A Beginner's Guide to The End of The Universe" by Crippledvulture. Since it was written by my fourteen-year-old self, TITN is pretty chaotic, cringey and convoluted at times, but I'm still proud of it, and it's nice to have such a snapshot of both my younger self, and a small internet community in the early '10s.

I'm currently working on a new webcomic, so stay tuned for that!
-Aye xxo​
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