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Discussion in 'Released' started by zadum4ivii, Nov 20, 2014.


Do you like our mod?

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  1. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

  2. TTMo1

    TTMo1 Skeletron Prime

    Sweet! can't wait to try it out!
  3. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Thanks! I hope you will enjoy my mod!

    P.s. Will add screens later :happy:
  4. Bennylava

    Bennylava Spazmatism

    The sprite work on this is very good! I've just started it up and it has a feel of quality to it. Congrats on a solid mod.
  5. I can't wait to play with this mod!
  6. drain.

    drain. Terrarian

    >oh whats this
    >this looks interesting
    >*sees comic sans*

    OT, this looks moderately interesting, it has potential. Looking forward to seeing it flourish.
  7. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    Except almost half of those sprites are not his.

    Dear zadum4ivii, I just looked thru your mod and i noticed that you used many sprites without perrmision. If you are using someones sprites, you should atleast credit those who made them. I see there some of mine: invar bar, invar armor (except helmets), steel bar| Zoodletec: PHantom and Spear armor thingy| and GroxTheGreat: Hallowed headdress (you credited him, but only for tapi). I also see gem armors that i recognize, those were made as suggestion or just sprite presentation long ago on TO. Even if those are old, you still should credit the one who made them. And also i see some Omnirs sprites, so yeah, he also should be credited (for those unedited)
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  8. Bennylava

    Bennylava Spazmatism

    Yikes. Well that explains things. Do you have links to the content (other then your own, I can see it via your own thread)?
  9. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Sorry but I didn't know that this sprites belong to other people. This sprites were given to me by Bodgdan3456 and I didn't know that it is not his sprites. Thank you for your observation. I will recreate this sprites. And what is the "Spear armor thnigy"?
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  10. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

  11. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

  12. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    As long as you give credit, i don't mind. You don't have to give specifics to what you used, just type sprites ;p (also credit Zoodletec since we both make sprites for our mod)
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  13. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Credited him too :) Thanks for being forgiven me!
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  14. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    lol, there is nothing to forgive, it's just that everyone should remember to give credits for something if somone is "borowing" someone elses work ;p

    EDIT: Also, like i said, instead of giving specific information on what you used, just type "sprites" instead :)
  15. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Terrarian

    Just so you know I made the phantom and beserker npc's sprites used in your mod =p
  16. Ziggyzagoo

    Ziggyzagoo Terrarian

    Your thread has been replied by a master spriter. Bask in his glory.
    Other than that, this mod looks great!
  17. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    • Omg did not notice him! Praise sir Custwood!
    • Thank you!
  18. Dr.elisey

    Dr.elisey Terrarian

    Hi, Zadum4ivii!

    Saw your mod in the subject and decided to congratulate you with the release of the mod. :)
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  19. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    Looks interesting. I will give it a try when I have free time.
  20. Crablegs10

    Crablegs10 Terrarian

    How do I summon the Corn boss?
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