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Hello! I've found a bug:
System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No key "DH:BladeofKings" found
at TAPI.WrapperDictionary`2.get_Item( key)
at TAPI.NPCDef.CustomDrops(Terraria.NPC npc)
at Terraria.NPC.NPCLoot()
at Terraria.NPC.checkDead()
at Terraria.NPC.StrikeNPC(System.Int32 Damage, System.Single knockBack, System.Int32 hitDirection, System.Boolean crit = False, System.Boolean noEffect = False, System.Single critMult = 2)
at Terraria.Projectile.Damage()
at Terraria.Projectile.Update(System.Int32 i)
at Terraria.Main.UpdateReal(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameTime gameTime)
It crashes the game when I kill a Minotaur in the dungeon.


Official Terrarian
The gore from Elite Bloodmoon Warriors crash my server too. I still don't have an error log because tAPI doesn't like to save those for some reason.

Fulip Yogow

The food bar looks fine for me. There's a "bug" that when you left and rejoin a server in multiplayer, it gets full again. But I don't think that's a bug. I'm not quite sure.
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