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Note from staff: this mod is no longer available, more details here.

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Check Antiaris - our new mod.

About Tremor Mod

We've landed ourself amongst one of the biggest mods published on tMod for Terraria. We're constantly under development to build on what we've made as well as improve, and we're very aware, and listen to our community carefully. We strive to create a bigger and more diverse Terraria, to revamp the user experience as a whole to excite new players and to give returning ones additional challanges.
What can Tremor Mod contains and can offer you?
  • Over 1600 new items - including new armor sets, weapons for each class, accessories, new materials and banners for every mob.
  • 21 new bosses - every boss has it's own AI, loot, treasure bag with unique expert item.
  • 13 new NPCs - each NPC has it's own stuff to sell. Many NPCs also sell new things after certain bosses are defeated.
  • 2 brand new invasions - new invasions with new interesting mobs, loot and also with new soundtracks.
  • New Glacier minibiome - a biome that spawns in Snow biome and has new mobs and loot.
  • New ores - some generate in the beginning of the game and some only generate after defeating certain boss.
  • Tremode - Post Moon Lord gamemode with it's own ores, lots of new content, such as armors, weapons, materials, harder monsters and hard bosses.
  • New alchemist class - absolutely new class with new damage type, weapons, armor and accessories.
  • New Nova Celestial Pillar - a completely new pillar for alchemist class that spawns with regular pillars!
  • 11 new soundtracks - amazing tracks for different bosses and events made by Delicious Saturn.

  • Amazing neat sprites made by our wonderful spriters!
  • And also support of Boss Checklist Mod!

You can download mod from tModLoader Mod Browser.

Updates changelogs
(Beginning from

This patch was brought to you by the collaboration of Rartrin, Jopojelly and Zadum4ivii
Please report any bugs on the git, by making a new issue.
All contributions are incredibly helpful, and mentioned in changelogs.

    • - Fixed 'Index was outside bounds of array at Tremor.GlowMask.Unload()' exception
    • - Fixed Alchemist item damage modifiers, these were moved to the respective base class
    • - Fixed Dice Zombie not dropping items in multiplayer
    • - Fixed Dize Zombie's drop chance for Rupicide
    • - Fixed Mana/Health stimpacks not consumable
    • - (Hopefully Confirmed fixed) fixed FPS dropping to 1 when viewing Tremor's mod description

    • - Tremor should now be available on the mod browser at all times! (edit: Something went wrong, dl at bottom)
    • - Tremor is now eligible for a mod icon in the browser, all serious entries will be considered
    • - Removed many redundant code, effectively reducing the .tmod filesize by a sizable amount
    • - Reformatted most of the code
    • - Written a RecipeWrapper class
    • - Thanks Rartrin, for your contributions (pull/1)
    • - Thanks Jopojelly, for your contributions (5f61742)
    • - Thanks Zadum4ivii, for your contributions (pull/8)
    • - More code has been rewritten, possibly fixing unknown bugs

New items:
Mana Stim Pack
Health Stim Pack
Aquamarine Crystal

Fixed Nightmare Arrows being thrown by player
Fixed item's glowmasks being broken
Fixed Andas sometimes flying to surface and disappearing
Fixed some accessories that grants spinning minion being broken in Multiplayer
Fixed Brass Greaves and Red Steel Guardian not equipping
Fixed Cursed Souls not dropping in normal mode

Brutallisk now drops Aquamarine Crystal as Expert item
Chef now uses Butcher Axe as weapon
Archer now uses Demon Bow & Flaming Arrows as weapon in Pre-Hardmode and uses Shadowflame Bow & Shadowflame Arrows in Hardmode
Professor now uses Alien Blaster as weapon
Increased Alphaplasm drop chance
Increased amount of Cluster Shards dropped from Suspicious Bags
Changed Void Blade rarity
Updated Corruptor Gun, Flaming Tooth, Dead Head, Knight Helmet and Vertebrow sprite
Increased Fallen Snake damage
Lowered Vulture Wings maximum flight time
Phoenix Shotgun now shoots fireballs instead of bullets
Wall of Shadows can now move it's eye vertically and follow the player
Glacier now has Snow biome background
Lowered Flying Dutchman mount stats
TML support

New items:
White Master Hood
White Master Chestplate
White Master Greaves

New mobs:
Nova Bat

Fixed some misspells
Fixed Cyber King showing "Use a 0" in Boss Checklist
Fixed Cyber King not checking off in Boss Checklist
Fixed modded Work Benches not having solid tops
Fixed Shadow Master Chestplte and Pants being crafted on Divine Forge instead of Ancient Manipulator
Fixed Space Whale not spawning sometimes
Fixed Heater of Worlds not showing in Boss Checklist

New boss minions:
Tiki Soul

Lowered Desert Princess spawnrate
Increases Shadow Master armor bonuses
Warkee now transform to Yuwarkees that can't spawn more Warkees, preventing infinite spawns
Increased amount of Icicle Ore in Glacier
Changed Desert Princess & Wasp sprites
Martian Communicator now starts Martian Madness instead of spawning Martian Probe
Transistor now shoots energetical waves in different directions on swing
Void Knife now spawns explosions when hitting an enemy and has chance to restore some health if player is below 50% of health
Abyss Armor setbonus also makes Shadow Arm minion inflict Shadowflame debuff on enemies
Fungus Beetle is much slower and spawns minions less often
Tiki Totem now has 2 forms, spawns with 3 Tiki Souls defending it, goes to 2nd form when player kills all Souls
Anger, Happy and Indifference Souls no longer spawn after beating Tiki Totem, they now spawn during fight
Tiki Totem can now teleport to the player (Like King Slime)
Renamed Anger Soul to Soul of Anger, Happy Soul to Soul of Happiness, Indifferent Soul to Soul of Indifference
New items:
Hero Potion

New buffs:

Fixed Shadow Steed being named Ancient Dragon
Fixed Shadow Steed not having animation
Fixed Paradox Titan not having minimap icon
Fixed guns not using Ice Bullets as ammo
Fixed Duke Flasks and Nova Flasks having wrong sell value
Fixed Berserker Greaves not equipping
Fixed Desert Princess & Desert Wasp dropping 1 Platinum Coin
Fixed Cog Lord Drone healing beam dealing a lot of damage
Fixed Crystal Armor not having set bonus
Fixed True Blades Buffs having broken descriptions
Fixed Power Shield decreasing movement speed
Fixed all Hades armor items being crafted of Magmonium Helmet
Fixed Ruin Ghosts not spawning in Multiplayer
Fixed Glacier Wood Lantern dropping Sandstone Candle
Fixed Paradox Bats not spawning during Paradox Cohort
Fixed Cog Lord not spawning sometimes
Fixed Collapsium and Angelite Ore spawning on surface and breaking player's buildings

Lowered Ice Wolf and Coldtrap stats
Changed Gem Blades and Tremor sprites
Desert Princess now drops only 1 of 3 Desert Explorer set items
Increases Sea, Fire and Earth fragment drop chance
Endless Pain now shoots a shadowflame orb that shoots shadowflames at nearby enemies (Acts like Magnet Sphere)
Burning Fist now shoots a fist projectile that explodes on contact and summons fiery bolts
Meat Shield can be now crafted in Corruption worlds
Blue Candles no longer spawn in Ruins, preventing NPCs to settle in Ruins
Toxic Flask can be now crafted into alchemist damage Flask

Added modded bosses descriptions for Boss Checklist
New boss minions:
Magma Leech

Fixed music boxes not playing any music
Fixed Fragile Condition, Day Hunting and Night Hunting having infinite duration time
Fixed Great Anvil, Flesh Workstation and Altar of Enchantments not showing in recipes
Fixed Ancient Dragon not dropping Treasure Bag
Fixed Key Fish and Wooden Piranha quests showing that they can be catched anywhere
Fixed Zootaloo spawn rate
Fixed Narsil dropping before hardmode
Fixed Post-Plantera Skeletons in Dungeon drop Warp Pad instead of Bottled Spirit
Fixed Glacier Wood Chest not opening in Multiplayer
Fixed Violeum Mask dropping from Paradox Titan Treasure Bag
Fixed Ruin Chest and Glacier Chest not opening in Multiplayer

Changed Flower of Antimony, Mini Gun, Stigmata, Dragon Spear sprites
Relayx is now Paradox Titan expert item
Rukh now summons Sandnados
Heater of Worlds now summons Magma Leeches
Storm Jellyfish moves faster, shoots electric bolts more often and spawns electrical spheres
Fixed Ice Chest being opened without Ice Keys
Fixed True Hero Pants not equpping
Fixed Night's Watch and Bloodshed having Light Red rarity instead of Orange
Fixed Cog Lord not checking in Boss Checklist
Fixed Super Healing Flasks not throwing anything
Fixed modded doors spawning dirt blocks when opened
Fixed mod crash when playing with Item Checklist mod
Fixed items not crafting on modded crafting stations
Fixed crafting stations not showing in item recipes
Fixed Conglomeration having wrong value
Fixed Shadow Relic not summoning Wall of Shadows

Ruin Keys & Lanterns now drop with 33% chance
Changed Wrath of Wraith sprite
Conglomeration now grants higher bonuses
Silk Banner now grants 15 defense instead of 33
Increased spawnrate of Squoma, Phobos and Deimos
Fixed Andas not appearing in Boss Checklist
Fixed Nova Pillar not appearing in Boss Checklist
Fixed Rukh named Meteorite Golem
Fixed Desert Explorer Greaves not equipping
Fixed Vile Helmet not equipping
Fixed Brilliant Behemoth dealing melee damage instead of throwing
Fixed some bosses not spawning on first use of summoning items
Fixed Mechanical Brain still dropping from mobs after beating Motherboard
Fixed Motherboard not checking in Boss Checklist
Fixed Ocean, Desert and Jungle Key not summoning Big Mimics
Fixed Flasks having 0 critical strike chance

Diamond Beam now shoots a constant beam
Updated Light Bulb, Diamond Beam and Magium Rod sprites
Frost Wind projectile now disappears after 2 seconds
Increased Leather and Chain items droprate from Thieves
TML 0.10 support

New buffs:
Lil' Snatcher
Nova Power
Molten Watcher
The Cadence
Chaos Element

New tiles:
Nova Fragment Block
Andas Trophy

New items:
Rich Mahogany Seed
Basic Sprayer
Mecha Sprayer
Martian Sprayer
Nightmare Sprayer
Desert Explorer Visage
Desert Explorer Breastplate
Desert Explorer Greaves
Duke Flask
Birb Staff
Inferno Skull
Hell Storm
Vulcan Blade
Gehenna Staff
Treasure Bag (Andas)
Andas Mask
Andas Trophy
Hades Helmet
Hades Breastplate
Hades Greaves
Andas Core
Nova Fragment
Nova Pickaxe
Nova Hamaxe
Nova Dye
Nova Monolith
Nova Flask
Nova Sprayer
Nova Helmet
Nova Breastplate
Nova Leggings
Nova Fragment Block
Nova Band
Nova Ring
Nova Wings
Brass Chip
The Cadence
Chaos Element

New mobs:
Nova Alchemist
Nova Flier
Nova Kamikaze
Desert Princess
Desert Wasp

New minibosses:
Nova Pillar

New bosses:

New boss minions:
Molten Spirit
Undead Wyrm

Fixed Glacier mobs inflicting Frostburn for 8 seconds not for 1
Fixed Stone items having wrong value
Fixed Ancient Dragon not summoning in Singleplayer
Fixed wrong minimap colors of placed Gloomstone items
Fixed Alchemist not selling Health Support Flask
Fixed new Goblins overlapping vanilla Goblins spawn
Fixed new Goblins not giving points to Progress Bar on death
Glacier Mobs no longer spawn if a Celestial Pillar is active
Fixed Ruin Ghosts not spawning after beating Tiki Totem
Fixed Book of Revelations spawning a lot of hearts and mana
Fixed Book of Revelations cooldown not working

Changed Glacier biome blocks & sizes
You no longer gain Chill debuff when entering Glacier
Changed Stone of Knowledge recipe
Vanilla items which grant all damage / critical strike chance bonuses now grant alchemist bonuses too
You can no longer explode Cometite and Hard Cometite Ore
Items which are obtained after beating Trinity now have new rarity
Nova Pillar also spawns after beating Ancient Cultist
Luxorius Armor set bonus also grants Dangersense
Ruin Altar and blocks beneat it can be no longer destroyed
Weapons have their damage line colored according to sparks/souls/focuses colors
Increased drop rate of Ruin Keys and Rusty Lanterns
Changed Heater of Worlds sprite
New items:
Hallowed Visage
Chlorophyte Visage

Fixed Goblin Standard Bearer infinitely spawning himself on death
Fixed Frost King trophy having broken texture when placed
Fixed Glacier Mobs having wrong stats and drops
Fixed Ruin Chest spawning Ruin Ghosts infinitely
Fixed Ruin Chest consuming keys even if opened
Fixed Ancient Soul disappearing in a quick time
Fixed Pwnhammer not dropping from Wall of Flesh with 100% chance
Fixed Ruin Ghosts spawning after EoW/BoC but not Tiki Totem

Ancient Dragon can be now summoned by using Ancient Lantern near Ruin Altar
Ruin Altar no longer break when summoning Ancient Dragon
New buffs:
Bottled Spirit
Big Bottled Spirit
Enchantment Solution
Amplified Enchantment Solution
Master Alchemist Glove

New tiles:
Ancient Dragon Trophy

New items:
Bramble Staff
Crawler Hook
Antlion Fury
Key of Sands
The Hurricane
Squid Tentacle
The Tide
True Tident
Shark Rage
Ocean Amulet
Key of Ocean
Desert Sigil
Husky Staff
Shadow Relic
Emerald Stone
True Death Sickle
Rusty Lantern
Antique Stave
Rusty Slasher
Firebender Tome
Flask of Shadows
Ancient Dragon Mask
Dragon Head
Ancient Soul
Ancient Dragon Treasure Bag
Alchemist Emblem
Thrower Emblem
Warp Pad
Heart Amulet
Magus Tome
Cobalt Visage
Mythril Visage
Adamantite Visage
Palladium Visage
Orichalcum Visage
Titanium Visage
Bottled Spirit
Big Bottled Spirit
Enchantment Solution
Amplified Enchantment Solution
Master Alchemist Glove

New bosses:
Ancient Dragon

New boss minions:
Baby Dragon

New mobs:
Gobling Standart Bearer
Goblin Assassin
Goblin Bomber
Ruin Ghost (1)
Ruin Ghost (2)
Desert Mimic
Ocean Mimic

Hallowed Greaves can be properly crafted
Chlorophyte Bars can be properly crafted
Fixed some Flasks spawning wrong clouds
Fixed Healing Flasks giving 0 health
Fixed Glacier Mobs not spawning in Multiplayer
Fixed Glacier Mobs spawn overlapping other mobs spawn
Fixed some Events Mobs disappearing after one hit in Multiplayer
Fixed Paradox Titan staying in it's first form even after defeating the Paradox Cohort
Fixed Comet Head, Galasquid and Astrofly not spawning in Comet
Alchemaster flasks no longer gain bonuses from player alchemic accessories
Fixed some bosses not spawning in Multiplayer
Fixed Cog Lord and Trinity getting damage from their projectiles in Multiplayer
Fixed Glacier Walls overlapping player walls
Fixed new player spawning without Adventurer Spark
Fixed Argite ore not spawning
Fixed some Flasks not showing any info when hovering over them with cursor

New "Ruins" structure that spawns underground
Blizzard, Granite, Night of Undead, Slime Rain tracks no longer overlap other tracks
Lowered Dev items drop chance a bit
Removed Hunger System
Modded minions can attack monsters targeted via RMB
Wall of Shadows is no longer a Wall of Flesh alternative
Changed Wall of Shadows items stats
Changed Wall of Shadows AI
Flasks now have Critical Strikes
Removed vanilla recipes changes
Tremode Bosses now have bigger stats
Changed Trinity AI
Changed Cog Lord AI
Changed Cog Lord Sprites

Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
Bluemagic123 - big thanks for creating tModLoader and helping with code
Jopojelly - for a lot help with the code
Milt69466 - for allowing us to use Hardmode Warhammers suggestion and sprites
Zoomo - for allowing us to use his summoner improving, Motherboard and Wall of Shadow suggestion and sprites, and also other sprites from his thread
DerpoTheMagnificent - for allowing us to use Magmonium suggestion and sprites
Snickerbobble - for allowing us to use his Bottled Souls suggestion and sprites
Pinelord - for allowing us to use his Space Whale suggestion and making new Whale sprite
Sergo - for allowing us to use ideas from his suggestions thread
Delicious Saturn - for his great job making music for our mod
PhoenixBlade - for making new sprites with tilesheets for some ores
Ser_FruKtoz - for allowing us to use Brutallisk suggestion
Eli10293 - for making new shields sprites
Xenos X-219TY - for making Ocean Mimic animation
Bootr Baws, Madhatterox and Mcalaja - for making amazing pictures of gameplay with our mod (They also won in our 1st Community Event)
Mr.Pigeon - for making some sprites and animation sheets
Jofairden - For previous work on refactoring the mod
Iggysaur - For various resprites
Vaklyrie - For various resprites

Tremor Mod Screenshots
















Boss progression

King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
Tiki Totem
Evil Corn
Storm Jellyfish
Ancient Dragon
Queen Bee
Heater of Worlds
Fungus Beetle
Wall of Flesh
The Twins
Destroyer / Motherboard
Skeletron Prime
Pixie Queen
Frost King
Wall of Shadows
Cog Lord
Cyber King
Duke Fishron
Lunatic Cultist
Nebula/Vortex/Stardust/Solar/Nova Pillars
Moon Lord
The Dark Emperor
Space Whale
The Trinity
The Andas

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