Trouble spawning a goblin army?


Trying to spawn a goblin army for the purposes of obtaining a shadow flame knife, went to sleep for what has to have been an in-game month at this point and after several blood moons and traveling traders, nothing. I would grind to get a goblin battle standard, but it took forever to spawn one enemy and he only dropped one tattered cloth so I’m not doing that
Get a water candle from the dungeon, battle potion from the underworld, build make spawning platforms in the outer sections of the world and start grinding. You have no choice.
Yeah, spawning tattered cloths in HM is pretty crap. The scout spawns seem to drop dramatically, and it was already an uncommon spawn. Your best chance is a long flat area near the edges of the world, battle potion/water candle, and grind away. If there's anything else you need to grind, set up a biome there for double duty. For example, I like hallow for unicorn horns and pixie dust.
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