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PC Truffle NPC prevents Pylons from being sold


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
Short description
Truffle being housed near other NPCs prevents all pylons from being sold, most importantly the Glowing Mushroom Pylon.

Troubleshooting this bug
I built a Glowing Mushroom biome in the sky for him to move into, but even with both the Guide and Dryad nearby, neither the Truffle nor Dryad would sell the pylon.
I fixed this by kicking out the Truffle and replacing him with the Dryad, who then despite neither liking the guide nor the biome she is in, would sell the Glowing Mushroom Pylon.

Kicking out the Guide and replacing him with the Truffle caused the Dryad to then stop selling the pylon, putting the Guide back in place of the Truffle didn't fix it either, it was only until I put the Truffle in the Dryad's house and then replaced him with the Dryad again that she would sell the pylon again.
It seems that any merchant affected by this bug needs to be kicked out and housed again without the Truffle being housed nearby for this bug to be fixed.

Before it was just the mushroom biome, I also had built a snow biome below it, where I had the mechanic sell me the Snow Pylon.
But I noticed that upon the Truffle moving in above them without either the Guide or Dryad, she stopped selling the Snow Pylon.

I've attached multiple pictures showcasing this bug.

Additional information, might not be a factor
I don't think it's related, but I do have this biome built far in the air over a crimson desert.


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