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Try to guess the last poster's favorite Terraria boss!


The Destroyer
It's all in the title: guess the boss depending apon the person. You may optionally give a hint (of any size >:)) but you may not tell anyone until they get it right. If they do get it right, put it in your signature where someone can see it. (Without opening spoilers or expanding the signature.) If you post after being guessed at, tag the guesser and tell them whether they are correct.

For example:

1: I like blue
2: Eye of Chuthulu
2: Man, why do things get so overpowered near the end of the game?
1: 2 nope
1: Moon Lord
1: I like setting all sorts of stuff on fire, so I use a flamethrower on the color blue.
3: King Slime
3: I hate corruption.
1: 3 yep
1: Brain of Chuthulu
*1 puts "3 guessed my favorite boss" in their signature*
3: 1 nope
3: I go there to destroy it, but my actions have consequences.
2: 1 yep.
2: Eater of Worlds

And so on.

You can make guessing as difficult as you see fit.

Anyway, guess my favorite Terraria boss based apon this paragraph. (Note: Spazmatism and Retinazer are separate.)

Cursed Inferno is renowned for its invulnerability. It cannot be put out: in can only go out naturally. There are different beings of the world, who hail from the corruption and spew this lethal flame. Even the most memorable of mechanical monstrosities spew this amazing and intriguing fire. It's color and glow resembles something from the jungle, but do not let it fool you. Cursed Inferno is one of the most renowned and dangerous flames in the history of Terraria.


Duke Fishron
Obviously, Spazmatism.

The amazing features of evolution has an amazing effect on this specimen. It has grown 3x its original size, and continues to grow further. It also grows in power when lured out of its natural habitat, leaving not a single survivor to tell the tale.
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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Celestial power courses through this being, allowing them to use many powers that the Celestial towers grant. Capable of absorbing large amounts of power and unleashing it into new creatures and is able to summon visions of it's master. In Calamity Lore, this being stopped Yharim from summoning its master and has absorbed its powers from the Blood Moon.
It is a monstrous being which is incredibly protective of its home and the home's secret. It begins to stir after the Moon Lord's artificial assassins are destroyed and if one of its young is destroyed it will wake and attack whatever destroyed it. It guards weapons never seen before seen in Terraria


Official Terrarian
um someone guess me i have no one to guess there fav boss

Also, here is a hint

This terror is based of another boss, which was a prime terror in the beginning of the world of Terraria.
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