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Adventure TSF 2: The Old God

Discussion in 'Released' started by BadScientist, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. BadScientist

    BadScientist Terrarian

    IT'S FINALLY DONE! After almost a year and a half, I've finally finished the sequel to my first adventure map, "Terrarian Special Forces."

    Shout-out to my beta testers who provided helpful feedback in the last couple of weeks: Lukas Koprda, RNCheesus, and Moonburn! And thanks to the others who volunteered, but never got the chance to test it out.

    Without further ado, presenting...

    TSF 2: The Old God (Pending proper banner)

    You awaken in the Void. The space outside of space. The last thing you remember was your battle with the World Serpent. You managed to slay the beast from the inside, but in its death throes, it crushed you, sending you to your maker. But now it seems your maker, Ohm the Creator god, has a mission for you. A dark cult seeks to release Ahn, god of the Void, into the world and you may be the only one who can stop them. You will have help, but beware. All may not be as it seems...

    • A large open world
    • A hub where you can review the rules and banned items, inspect your quest log, and access the fast-travel system
    • Side missions, optional dungeons, and hidden treasures
    • Dynamic dialogue
    • Challenging boss fights
    Getting Started:
    1. Save the .wld file into your Terraria worlds folder (...Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds)
    2. Launch Terraria
    3. Create a new character or select your character from Terrarian Special Forces (version 1.1b or later only)
    4. Select the world TSF 2: The Old God
    5. Have le funs.
    • Use a new character OR you can import your character from Terrarian Special Forces (version 1.1b or later ONLY) if you have not used that character for anything else.
    • Place your pickaxe in the safe in the Equipment room. Trash your other starting items.
    • Do not place anything you can stand on or break anything you didn't place (unless told to do so).
    • Immediately trash or sell any and all items on the Banned Items list UNLESS it is given to you in a chest (or ported over from TSF 1).
    • You can keep drops and craft anything as long as it's not on the Banned Items list. Example: If you get the Climbing Claws from a fishing crate, you should dispose of it immediately and not use it for crafting. However, if you get it in a chest, you may use it to craft Master Ninja Gear.
    Banned Items:
    • Pickaxes, Axes, Hammers
    • Placeables (blocks, platforms, rope, etc.)
    • Mobility Accessories/Grappling Hooks
    • Mounts
    • Block-Placing Rods (Ice, Dirt, etc.)
    • Bombs/Dynamite
    • Anything that gives wire vision
    • Do not fight bosses or events near NPCs. If they die, they may respawn in the wrong place and with the wrong name.
    • Keep an eye on the lower left-hand corner of the screen and turn on autopause to make sure you don't miss any messages/dialogue.
    • Many chests and secrets are easier to see on the map. Check it often to spot any you might have missed.
    • There are lots of hidden switches throughout the map. Some may open secret passages while others may provide lore about the world, which could give you hints about where to find some side quests.
    • Make sure not to leave the game while any main quest sequences or dialogue are playing. Doing so may actually break the map, preventing you from progressing.
    • It should be safe to leave the game as long as you're outside of any dungeon areas or in the Void and no dialogue is playing (wait five seconds to make sure).
    • If you're having trouble surviving in a certain area or defeating a certain boss, it might help to leave and come back to it later after you've collected more loot from exploring or completing side quests.
    Capture 2019-04-21 11_10_35.png Capture 2019-05-23 20_59_42.png Capture 2019-07-27 12_09_55.png Capture 2019-07-27 12_14_35.png Capture 2019-07-27 12_19_20.png Capture 2019-07-27 12_29_29.png Capture 2019-07-27 13_02_31.png Terraria_2019-07-11_19-05-26 (RNCheesus).png
    Credit: RNCheesus Terraria_2019-07-12_13-48-09 (RNCheesus).png
    Credit: RNCheesus

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  2. Cheeseboy157

    Cheeseboy157 Spazmatism

    Amazing! I'm so happy we got an amazing sequel to an already great map! Keep up the good work :happy:
  3. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

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  4. RealSaucer

    RealSaucer Plantera

    Just played through TSF 1 and I loved it, it was really creative! Might try this out as well when I get the time.