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Tool tSpritePadder - Ready-to-use sprites for Terraria tiles



Disclaimer: This tool is aimed towards modders and spriters who are sick of Terrarias conventions for tile spritesheets. Also Windows only.

Creates ready-to-use sprites for Terraria tiles given a normal sprite. Comes with some additional features.

How to use
Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 if you haven't already, download latest release (zip or exe), Start it.

1. Select an image
2. Select a target folder
3. Go
* Pad images so they fit the dimensions defined by the cutout, padding and frame count
* Upscale to x2 pixels due to Terraria convention
* Flip horizontal/vertical spritesheets
* Add 2 additional pixel per frame for each bottom row due to Terraria tile convention
* Save different stages of the padding process if you need to finetune something manually

Source code and changelogs:

Open to contribution/suggestions. Keep in mind this isn't supposed to be a replacement for spriting software, it is mainly being developed as a tool to convert sprites into Terraria-styled tiles.
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Duke Fishron
This is an amazing tool, and I fully expect local folk to laud thine praises. Congratulations on enriching the local community with this fantastic item! :D
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