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Twins boss health bar not accurate to actual health


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Windows 10
Terraria Version
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The twins, or at least Spazmatism, don't have their boss health bar match with the actual health of the boss. I haven't done any thorough testing, but I have seen that Spazmatism dies when there is about 2/5ths of his health still on the bar, at least when Spazmatism is the first killed. Retinazer does not have this problem, at least when it is the last twin killed. I do not know whether retinazer has this issue if he is the first twin killed, nor do I know whether Spazmatism does not have the issue with being the second twin killed.

I have seen this in past 1.4 versions, but had not reported it due to bad memory.


The Twins have a shared boss health bar, which means the actual value of the bar is [Spazmatism's HP]+[Retinazer's HP].


I don't think so, because when the second twin is hit after the first is dead, its bottom health bar is full, not at or below halfway.
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