Two fixes; pc crash on startup (black screen) and no steam overlay

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Tyler Haley, May 13, 2019.

  1. Tyler Haley

    Tyler Haley Terrarian

    Ok so i have two fixes hopefully, they worked for me anyway. so first one is crash on startup. this was happening on win 7 and win 10. i just got a new pc, (mb, cpu, ram all that.) but same monitor. so i thought it was weird i was getting crashes. so when i started up terraria it was crashing my whole pc, i would get this blackish screen and it would just crash i could not ctrl-alt - del , alt tab or anything, i would play a youtube vid to see what was going on and after a few min the vid would stop, so a weird crash, i would have to restart my pc. well i noticed that when i did get the game running and i exited the game my chrome would be smaller like i changed the resoltion. so a few things i tried was verifiying files. now i always get 1 or 2 files corrupted or missing and it relpaces those and after i restart my pc it would work. but i still was getting crashes. until i restarted my pc, sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldnt. i tried compatibility mode for windows vista sp2, wind 7 , windows 8 , windows 10, and no compatibility. all things i seen online non of these worked. so back to the chrome windows being resized i thought about changing my resolution smaller and it worked. so i had my resoluion set to 1600x900 and was getting crashes. so i changed my resolution to 1280x720 and it fixed it. i have not had any crashes on startup yet!

    now for the no steam overlay. once u get into terraria change the resolution and change it back and steam overlay will work!

    so i think maybe the resolution code should have a second look. it seems like 1600x900 crashes on startup and no steam overlay until u change resolution. thank you for ur time.