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tModLoader Ulterraria: Reborn

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1.1 has been released!

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Hello! Welcome to Ulterraria: Reborn, a mod that adds more logic to the game, and 'ultifies' it. Enjoy!
The desc will be expanded as this mod is updated, don't worry.

Current Version: v1.1.0
Running with Terraria
v1.0.0 - Download

1) Rename your current Terraria.exe file to anything you'd like, other than Terraria.exe.
2) Place the provided Terraria.exe file into its place
3) Place the 2 provided .dll files (will not be necessary in the future) into the same place as the Terraria.exe.
4) In the Content folder, add the UlterrariaImages folder, so that the directory looks like this:
5) Run Terraria via steam! You're good to go!

If you're having any troubles installing the mod or have any queries or bugs you'd like to report, please either go to
our social forum or start a conversation with one of the team (for bug fixes, go to TheGamingBoffin). Thanks!

Coming soon!
None yet.


Under construction.

-You now have to defeat The Destroyer, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and The Armagoodon to access Plantera.

-Added a lot of summoner armor
-Added a new invasion
-Added two new soundtracks
-Including over 100 items, including a :red: magic pen.
-Added The Armagoodon, a new mech boss


Frostburn arrows are now crafted with 70 arrows and 1 frostflame. They are now a hardmode arrow.
Night's Edge is now crafted with 1 Desert Sword, 1 Light's Bane, 1 Muramasa, 1 Blade of Grass, 1 Fiery Greatsword, 10 Shadow
Scales and 15 Demonite Bars.
True Night's Edge is now crafted with 1 Night's Edge, 10 Cursed Flames, 5 Souls of Night and 1 Broken Hero Sword.
True Excalibur is now crafted with 1 Excalibur, 10 Crystal Shards, 5 Souls of Light and 1 Broken Hero Sword.
True Night's Edge, True Blood Rend and Terra Blade are now crafted at an Altar.
Terra Blade can be crafted with 1 True Night's Edge or 1 True Blood Rend, 1 True Excalibur and 25 Chlorophyte Bars.

Added the Blood Rend sword type, which traverses into True blood rend.
Added the Desert Sword.
Added the Demoshark and Crimshark.
Added the Frostflamethrower.
Added the Fire Bolt.
Added the Cursed Expulsor, Ichor Gatlor and Crystalline Rifle.
Added the two Equirifles.
Added the Cluster Blood.
Added the Shield of Infamy.
Added the Summon for Mask of Infamy and the expert mode treasure bag.

Added the Mask of Infamy. Completely custom AI.
Added the Rotten Cyclops, a corruption Face Monster.

Other Changes:
Fixed Spelling mistake in title from "Terraria: Suspicous looking eyeballs" to "Terraria: Suspicious looking eyeballs".
Added some more unique titles.

Check out our Social Forum for bug reporting, suggestions and more here!

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Alucard_I Co Author
View attachment 63779 TheGamingBoffin Lead Coder
Batchfink Coder
nealpd Lead Spriter
M_Blox the Elite Spriter
View attachment 59361 TheInfernoShadow Spriter {Inactive}
View attachment 61783 ScrotsackGramps Spriter {Inactive}
View attachment 63780 View attachment 63778 Frous Spriter {Inactive}
View attachment 59413 Everybody Spriter {Inactive}
Qw2 Composer
TwistedHensley Concept Artist {Inactive}
View attachment 59370 LameCube Concept Artist {Inactive}
View attachment 77847 FSG Gaming Idea Generator

None yet..

We hope you enjoy Ulterraria...​
YAS!!!!!! Its been released!!!! I will search for bugs while I play it


Brain of Cthulhu
YES!!!!!!!!!! WOOT. YUS.
[DOUBLEPOST=1444583958,1444583759][/DOUBLEPOST]Question? There is 3 dlls....

The dlls are necessary for the game to work, I couldn't find the references to the originals anywhere, so I had to download them. Sorry about that :|


Skeletron Prime
Phew, it's finally out. It's been a great couple of weeks making this update (and it's probably going to be great fun (helpme) updating the wiki). Be sure to look forward to 1.2 in the (likely far) future :p

Oh and here's a subtle hint about a hidden item in 1.1,

Herp and Derp, stop please.
One in five thousand oh geeze.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Mini Albert

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Hmmm. A boss.
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584596,1444584215][/DOUBLEPOST]So.... I got a Microsoft XNA something error....
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584633][/DOUBLEPOST]Hold on..
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584665][/DOUBLEPOST]Im missing a file!
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584705][/DOUBLEPOST]Everyfile is working, but the Ulterraria/ Buff_0


Brain of Cthulhu
Hmmm. A boss.
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584596,1444584215][/DOUBLEPOST]So.... I got a Microsoft XNA something error....
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584633][/DOUBLEPOST]Hold on..
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584665][/DOUBLEPOST]Im missing a file!
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584705][/DOUBLEPOST]Everyfile is working, but the Ulterraria/ Buff_0

Did you put the Ulterraria folder inside of the Content folder?

Mini Albert

Eye of Cthulhu
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584846,1444584786][/DOUBLEPOST]I know a bit of coding, and looking at it Buff 0 is wonky right now


Isn't this the third thread you've put out for this mod?
Whatever, might as well check it out.


Brain of Cthulhu
[DOUBLEPOST=1444584846,1444584786][/DOUBLEPOST]I know a bit of coding, and looking at it Buff 0 is wonky right now

Hm. If you've put the "Ulterraria" Folder that was inside of the Zip inside of steamapps/common/Terraria/Content then there should be no issues with loading..


Hey man, do you mind not continuously posting/double/triple/quad posting?
I believe it's against the rules, just saying.
Because I think most posts should have more than 1 word.

Sorry if I was harsh, but I'm trying to save you from getting a warning from a staff member.
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