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Skeletron Prime
This map will be meant to be a challenge for even the best terraria players!

this will be my first map!

how it goes:

you have to fight all bosses.
they come in packs of three
you have to kill all three before advancing to the next three
you have one class for each boss, each of which is 1-3 tiers behind where you should be when you fight the bosses normally.
you can use the classes in any order, and each class can only be used once.
this is a hardcore map. you die ONCE, you lose. bam. splat. dead.

here are the planned difficulties:
pitiless: all classes are up to normal tier and all arenas are very easy to navigate. edit: THIS DIFFICULTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED
easy: all classes are 1 tier behind, arenas are good
normal: 2 tiers behind, fairly straightforward arenas
hard: 3 tiers behind, plantera enraged, pretty dumb arenas
expert: 3 tiers behind, expert mode, arenas are idiotic


re-logic, we all know why
baih, for inspiration with all those cool maps
the guys who made tedit (im using the 1.3 beta)

ok! the map should have at least a basic version up within a week. stay tuned! (bbcode is not working for me, pretend this is struckthrough

turns out i am more forgetful than i thought. as such, i can't give any dates yet. sorry!

(if any of you have any better names for the map, post them here PLEASE!)
EDIT:I give up. More below.
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