Sprites (UNDER REWORK) The Wicked

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New biome variations are always welcome, in my book. I like the idea of drawing on a different set of creature types than the other two biomes. I think the Fallen Hound idea is particularly interesting, although I think the final sprite should look more "alien". I do think there could be more originality in the appearances of the enemies, although I appreciate that it took a lot of work to make these sprites. As a first iteration they're pretty solid.

In terms of other enemies, I think there should definitely be an Eater of Souls / Crimera analogue, as green saber blade suggested above. It should have roughly the same shape, without looking too much like the other two. Maybe a green, viscous blob with a mouth and grasping appendages.

You could also add a pre-Hardmode enemy similar to the Snatcher and Man Eater that would spawn on the surface, but instead of being a plant would be some kind of diseased tentacle.

Other enemy feedback:
– I think the Death Crow could eventually be replaced with something more interesting. I think the current incarnation could be scrapped and replaced with something that looks like a decaying vulture skeleton, infested with slime and dripping greenish tendrils. Call it the "Plague Raptor".
– I quite like the appearance of the Spoilt Slime. I feel like it could be a basis for the general aesthetic of enemies in this biome.
– I feel like the Wicked Pick would look better as a Wicked Mace. It could be teal green and covered in nasty spikes.
– I don't know what the Walking Dead would look like, but because it drops Vitamins that suggests that it should inflict Weak.
– Instead of being skeletal, Azoth Priest could resemble a large mass in greenish robes, with tentacles spilling out of the darkened hood.
– The Wicked Mimic's colour palette is spot-on, although the sprite needs work. I would give it eyes like the other evil mimics, but give them unique placement, such as around the base.
– Wicked Mummy could be called "Toxic Mummy", and be covered in greenish boils. The Ghoul variant could be called "Hateful Ghoul", and would inflict Azoth. The Sand Shark variant could be called the "Malice Snapper", and be scaly green with transluscent patches exposing bone.

I'm afraid I don't have the skills to sprite any of these suggestions, but hopefully you'll be able to find someone who can improve upon your designs.
I'll definitely add all your suggestions. When I made this, I was an amateur, and have improved since then, I'll most likely rework a lot of this thread visually and balance wise.
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