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Story Undertale: The Last Corridor

Chapter 3: Rematch

Frisk walks back up to where she'd be fighting Undyne.
"Don't get PTSD again, partner!" Chara says with a disturbing giggle.
"Since when did you talk to me during a Pacifist Timeline at this point in the game...?"
"Since now, silly!" Chara winks at her. "Now get going!" Chara places her hand on Frisk's back and shoves her forward, and Frisk starts to run.
The fight goes on as normal this time, with Frisk running away from Undyne until they make it to Hotland, where the Captain of the Royal Guard collapses from overheating. Frisk dumps some water on the fish monster, restoring her, and Undyne walks away without saying a word. Frisk sighed.
"Couldn't I have at least gotten a thank you from that blue fish-face?"
"Did you get out on the wrong side of the flower bed or something?" Chara asked. "You know by now that she doesn't say thank you for saving her."
"True," Frisk admitted. "It's just... It's been a bit of a stressful day. If I can even call it that."
Flowey pops up suddenly. "Howdy, Chara!"
Frisk pretends not to know what he's talking about. "Who?"
Flowey snarls. "Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about! I know she's in there. Can't you just let me have a little chat with my old friend?" He smiles sweetly.
Frisk gives him a smug grin. "No."
Flowey twitches. "You asked for it, then. D I E." Bullets surround Frisk, and close in slowly while Flowey cackles madly.
Chara looks nervous. "J-just let me talk to him, okay? I'm not interested in being murdered repeatedly, at least not today."
Frisk hesitates, then relents. "Fine. Just remember that if you try to take control over my body..." She glares at Chara. "I won't hesitate to beat the crap out of you again."
Chara winks suggestively. "I'd take a beating from YOU any day!"
Frisk laughs. "We really are practically the same person, aren't we?"
Chara takes control, and looks at Flowey through Frisk's eyes, which are now glowing crimson. "Hi, there, flower."

Again, this was a shorter chapter than I expected, so I'll make a Chapter 3.5. I'm probably going to make a ".5" of every chapter lol (Unless they happen to be really long chapters)
Lol we seem to like the same things, what are your 3 favorite youtubers?
OOF, that's a toughie.
1. Game Theorists (And all their other channels)
2. UT comic dub and animation people (There are so many I don't have a specific favorite lol)
3. Markiplier (I like his FNaF vids a lot lol)
Chapter 3.5: Conversation

Frisk, or Chara now, gazed at Flowey, seeming to stare into his SOUL, or rather, his lack of one.
Flowey felt slightly intimidated, but tried his best not to show it. "H-hi there, Chara! It's so good to s-see you again!" He then realized something, and grinned smugly. "Wait; why am I letting you scare me like this? The only reason I died was because I let you get to me in the first place! Hee hee hee... Anyway, how's having to share a body with someone else been treating you?"
Flowey seemed to have struck a nerve. "Don't speak to me like that, you pathetic weed. Do you even know what I am?"
Flowey growled. "Oh, shut. Up. No one wants to hear that 'ooh, look at me, I'm a super-cool demon!' bullcrap! No one cares! And don't threaten me, you're in no position to do so!" He emphasized his point by moving the bullets that were surrounding Chara closer to her.
"F-fine!" Chara said, realizing that she really wasn't in a position to make threats. "What do you want, anyway?"
"What I want," Flowey said, reverting to his normal grin. "is for you to make Frisk's life as hard as possible. Force them to revert from their pacifism if necessary. But not through violence, no; you'll be influencing them! You're in the position to do so, so you need to make sure they finish what they started this time around. Got it?"
"Understood," Chara replied. "That's what I was planning on doing anyway, after all."
Flowey smiled evilly. "Good. Well, I'll be seeing you around then, partner! Have fun!" He disappeared.
Chara looked towards where the sky would be. "I never thought I'd see the day where I wouldn't be the one in control... Ah, well. What will happen, will happen." She relinquished control back to Frisk, and she started walking towards the CORE.
"What did you talk about?" Frisk asked, curious.
"That is none of your concern." Chara responded quickly.
Realizing that Chara was not in the mood for conversation, Frisk remained quiet as they continued their journey through the Underground.

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I was thinking: Let's call this the "First RESET Arc" or something. I kind of want RESETs to be a thing in this fanfiction (aka I don't want this to be one of those dumb fanfics where Frisk decides to 'never RESET again ooh'), and they'll only add to the drama between Sans and Frisk's (And maybe Chara's if y'all want a LOVE TRIANGLE added) budding future romance lol
Does anyone want to make my fanfiction into a comic? I'm no good at art so I can't do it, and I'm too poor to pay anyone for it, so you'd have to do it for free lol
The best I can do is promise I'll credit you for the art lol
Chapter 4: Glamour

Frisk made it to the CORE... finally. She was almost back at the Judgment Hall, where she could prove to Sans that she repented, and prove she would not kill another monster again. All she needed to do... was Spare Mettaton. Easy enough, right?
"Hey, Mettaton, you're probably the finest-looking toaster that I've ever seen, you know that?"
"Darling," Mettaton EX replied, "I'm far more than a toaster right now, haha~."
Frisk chuckled. "Looks like it won't be that easy to win him over, huh?"
"Duh," Chara responded in her mind. "...You know, it'd be a lot easier to win if you just killed him instead of-"
Frisk shouted mentally, surprising both Chara and herself. "I will NOT kill anyone!"
"...Then you've left me no choice," Chara slowly said. She appeared next to Frisk as a semi-corporeal being, and ran at Mettaton. Before Frisk could do anything, he was dead.
"Do you have ANY idea how tiring it is to do that? That alone used up most of the DETERMINATION I'd saved up over the years. Thanks a lot for making my job harder, PARTNER." She disappeared.
Frisk stared at Mettaton's corpse. How could this happen...? She didn't do anything wrong this time, why would this happen to her...? What would she tell Sans...? Tears started welling up, but then Frisk realized something. She could RESET! RESET, and it could be as if this never happened! Yeah, that's what she should do! She summoned the RESET button, and hesitated only for a moment before pressing it.

Flowey watched all of this with a smug grin. "Now THIS time around, I just need to be a bit more FORCEFUL when it comes to getting Frisk to take the RIGHT path, hee hee hee!... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...." And everything faded into white once again.

Sans woke up, finding himself in bed yet again. "wasn't i just in the judgement hall, waiting for the kid...? oh. hehehehehe, looks like the kid done and messed up. welp, i'll just have to have a little t a l k with her when she comes from the ruins this time around." His eyesockets were pitch black, with no trace of humor in them whatsoever. He got up, and teleported to his sentry post, watching, waiting...

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