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Story Undertale: The Last Corridor

GUYS, I'VE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY THAT I THINK I MIGHT HAVE TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF CHAPTERS TO ONE EVERY OTHER DAY. I don't have enough time in my life to do everything I'm doing PLUS make daily chapters of my fanfiction; otherwise, I'll be rushing to try to get them done in time, and they'll be super crappy.

Please understand that this is for both preserving my sanity AND preventing this fanfiction from turning into what I created it NOT to be in the first place: A sucky fanfic that looks like it was written like a horny 8-year-old with terrible grammar.
Chapter 6: Disbelief

Frisk, after befriending all of the Snowdin monsters yet again, confronted Papyrus. But for some reason, something felt... off... this time around. "HUMAN... I HEARD FROM FLOWEY WHAT YOU DID, IN A DIFFERENT TIME. YOU KILLED ME. YOU KILLED EVERYONE. BUT WORST OF ALL... YOU KILLED UNDYNE. AND TRIED TO KILL SANS. I WISH I COULD SAY I BELIEVED IN YOU, BUT EVEN AFTER I TRIED TO CONVINCE YOU TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, YOU CONTINUED ON YOUR DARK PATH WITHOUT HESITATION. IT WAS AS IF... I WAS AS IF MY WORDS WERE FORGOTTEN RIGHT AFTER THEY WERE SAID. SO, HUMAN. I CAN NO LONGER SAY I BELIEVE IN YOU. I AM HERE TODAY, NOT TO TRY TO CAPTURE YOU, OR TALK TO YOU... BUT TO TEACH YOU A LESSON YOU'LL NEVER FORGET." His right eye suddenly glowed orange, showing that Papyrus was indeed ready for a fight. "Shoot..." Frisk muttered, realizing she was in actual danger. Gaster Blasters appeared on the left and right side of the tall skeleton. "Wait, he has blasters like Sans?!? That's not good..." She dodged out of the way of the laser beams, only for a warning symbol to appear under her feet. She jumped, and bones shot up from the ground under her. As suddenly as they appeared, they were gone. "I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU, HUMAN, BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO." Frisk looked uneasy, and at those words, the fight really began.

...At least ten deaths later, Frisk finally thought she figured out his attack patterns. She made it all the way to Papyrus's final attack, and survived it. He collapses to the ground, completely tuckered out. "*HUFF, PUFF* IT'S OVER, I FAILED... SORRY SANS, I GUESS I CAN'T GET REVENGE FOR YOU, YOU LAZYBONES... JUST... FINISH ME OFF, HUMAN."
Frisk looked shocked at his words. "Heck no! I'm not killing anyone this time around!" Papyrus looked surprised at that. "W-WHAT...?"
"You heard me!" She crossed her arms stubbornly. "I'm. Not. Killing. Anyone. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a certain skeleton to ask out on a date." "WHO WOULD THAT BE? SANS?"
Frisk grinned. "No, it's you! How about it, will you go out with me on a date?" Of course, it's purely platonic, I don't like him like that, but it'll help cheer the poor skeleton up, at least...
"Heh, typical Papyrus." Frisk chuckled, and continued on her way.
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