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PC Undertale Themed Texture Pack Beta.

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by itsgeo123, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. itsgeo123

    itsgeo123 Terrarian

    It will also have some Deltarune stuff.

    wood bow is invisible so sans could have a better attack animation, Dungeon Guardian will show up as papyrus on the map because they share the same map icon, Moon lord is kinda buggy.

    This is so you can have the latest version of the texture pack.

    Dungeon Guardian, King Slime, Eye Of Cthulhu, Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, Lunatic cultist, Moon Lord.
    Guide, Tavern keeper, Bunny, witch doctor, angler, bird.
    Voodoo Demon, Lunatic Cultist Followers.

    there is new UI but it changes in game textures so you should make a copy of original in game textures and put UI files there.


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    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  2. KuroTensho18

    KuroTensho18 Steampunker

    Perfect. Just perfect!
  3. itsgeo123

    itsgeo123 Terrarian

  4. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    Never got into Undertale, but I can still tell a ton of work went into this and you really nailed the style.

    Great work!
  5. itsgeo123

    itsgeo123 Terrarian

    is it better then my old pack?
  6. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    I had to look up your previous pack, remembering now I had commented in your last thread. I wasn't the kindest, but that's mostly due to my pet peeve of people making threads for their visual works like texture packs without any preview images.

    To answer your question, a million times YES. You've come very, very far since your last pack -- I was honestly surprised when I realized you were the same person. It also probably helps that you concentrated on a theme here (a theme that appears to inspire you I'm assuming), since your last pack could've used more direction imo. You really nailed the Undertale style nicely, while still fitting into Terraria as well. Btw, all your screenshots and useful info about your pack is great to see as well.

    Nonetheless, it's always great to see somebody improves upon their work, and I forward to seeing you improve further! :)
  7. itsgeo123

    itsgeo123 Terrarian

    It took forever to figure out how to show people the images.