Underwater Survival (Abzutil)


Skeletron Prime
I was inspired by the release of journeys end to make my own 2d survival game (on mobile).

The name (Abzutil) is a combination of the sumerian words: abzu(deep water/underground water) & til(life/survival)

The premise:
you were a volunteer testing a newly invented cryo-stasis system. You should have only been in there for a year, but when you awoke the pods systems had failed and everything in sight was flooded. Now you must survive this harsh landscape and discover what happened.

I'm currently working on worldgen.
The following world took 55.61666... seconds to generate:

The yellow-green part is a biome called 'the glow'

Update 2:
(#1 in replies)
-added world selection/creating screens.
-made water in world preview translucent.
-add background layer to worldgen.

New screenshot:

An artist I am not, but the fish move at different speeds.

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Skeletron Prime
(apparently 'edit thread' doesn't work on mobile)
-I've added noise to the edge of 'the glow'.
-I've cleaned up the generation screen.
---added animated background.
---replaced default font with a custom one.
---replaced loading bar made from drawn rectangles with a graphic.
-added title screen
-created json reader (because the one that libgdx has isn't enough)
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