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Just an idea I kinda wanna tinker around with. I'm not ENTIRELY sure how it'd effect the balance of the game, whether or not it's a great idea, etc.

BUT I wanted to try and pitch it anyway.

So, the idea is that wearing a full set of a specific class armor not only gives you that set's bonus, but also enacts a universal class bonus based on that class. Which is to say, this additional powerup is the same no matter what armor you use as long as it's in the same class.

The ideas for these "universal buffs" are...

As the melee that must dart in and out of enemy range to land blows, Fighter's Charge allows the Melee Class to easily turn on a dime without losing speed. In addition, they no longer have to build up speed, and can go directly into a maximum-speed run from a dead standstill. Fighter's Charge takes accessories like the Hermes Boots into account, as well.

The skillful ranger is one who tracks his targets and shoots them down from afar. Hunter's Mark creates a 6-second "mark" on any target the ranger hits with their weapon. This Mark will show an indicator for the target's location when they go offscreen, and will draw a guideline between the ranger and his target to assist in aiming.

The Mage's own destructive power is his greatest defense. Sorcerer's Shadow causes a random spell in the Mage's inventory to fire at nearby hostiles at a random chance, at no additional cost to the Mage. This chance increases as the Mage loses health, allowing him to become more powerful as the battle presses on.


The truest summoner does not merely summon his minions, he commands them. Leader's Command allows the summoner to right-click with any staff to set a "waypoint" on the field. The summoner's minions will gather at this waypoint instead of near the summoner. If the Summoner sets his waypoint on a specific enemy, his minions will ignore all other enemies and focus on the designated target until it is destroyed or the summoner is killed.

Waypoints will vanish if the summoner dies, moves a certain distance away from the waypoint (roughly 1 full screen of distance), creates a new waypoint, or holds right-click to erase the waypoint and return the minions to his side.

EDIT: The waypoint can also "pull aggro" when minions attack enemies while the waypoint exists.

NOTE: These buffs also only activate when the player is holding a matching class weapon in-hand. So you can't use Fighter's Charge while, say, gunning people with a MegaShark.
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I really like the ranger idea, and this would hopefully make the summoner class viable for player vs. player scenarios, which has always been an issue.


I really like the ranger idea, and this would hopefully make the summoner class viable for player vs. player scenarios, which has always been an issue.
Not entirely. The problem with summoners in PvP is that ReLogic doesn't allow ANY Homing Weapons to work in PvP. The issue could be easily solved if the homing function simply didn't work as well as it does on enemies. A homing weapon should be able to guide itself towards the selected enemy but not be gauranteed to hit, so a mobile target should be able to dodge it with enough skill (also the projectile should of course die after a period of time otherwise you have ridiculous situations where the enemy is running forever with 14 missiles still on his tail).

Basically instead of full-homing, homing weapons could become more... guided. They'll direct themselves towards nearby targets but can only promise to try. lol
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