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  1. Gnom

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    By: Gnom

    How to download: Open Mod Browser in tModLoader, type in search bar "Universe Of Sword Mod" and click download.

    Looking for coders! If you are interested then contact me on the Discord server.

    Discord server:

    Version: 2.6

    Download: You can find zip file with mod attached down below


    Universe of Swords Mod adds over 200 swords to the game. Most of the swords are obtainable through crafting, but some can drop from certain monsters.

    If you want to share any ideas for the new swords or want to share resprite, then just say it in comments or through private conversation. I'd really appreciate your work and mention you in credits!

    Milt6946 for letting me copy one of his sprites, Eldrazi for help with coding, mutater for his resprites and HORRIOR for his sword ideas!

    NOTE: Some swords like Inflation, Sword of The Universe require insane amount of grinding. Install some other mods that help in grind like Tremor, Calamity, IMK Sushi, Reduced Grinding Mod etc. to get swords in this mod easier!

    2.0: !!!Big update!!!

    Added new swords: (Credits for creation of new swords go to mutater and HORRIOR!)

    -Vugar Mutater
    -Molotov Sword
    -Sword of the Emperor
    -Bow Sword
    -Double Bladed Lightsaber
    -Blowpipe Sword
    -Feather Duster
    -Grenade Blade
    -Sticky Grenade Blade
    -Bouncy Grenade Blade
    -Buzz Kill
    -Buzz Kill Future Mode
    -Thunder Oath Sword
    -Fire Rune Blade
    -Revenant Bag
    -Deus Excalibur
    -Box of Grenades

    Items resprites: (Credits for resprites go to mutater!)

    -Cthulhu Judge
    -True Gem Sword
    -All Wood Sword
    -Gnom Blade
    -Dracula Sword
    -Crystal Vile Sword
    -PEKKA Sword
    -Star Destroyer

    Added new spawnable ore and items made from it:

    -Damascus Ore
    -Damascus Bar
    -Damascus Helmet
    -Damacus Breastplate
    -Damascus Leggings

    Other changes:

    -Sword Matter and Upgrade Matter now have animations!
    -Sword Matter max stack increased from only 999 to 9999!
    -Removed Stick and Spectre Slayer


    Added new swords: !!!(Credits go to HORRIOR for creating all of the new swords)!!!

    -Sword of the Universe (Presenting to you, the most powerful sword in this mod!)
    -Sword of the Universe V2 (It's the same thing as Sword of the Universe but just different looks, choose which design you like the most)
    -True Horrormageddon

    Added new accessory:

    -Legendary Warrior's Gauntlet

    Even more resprites: !!!(Credits go to mutater)!!!

    -Hero Sword (Also changed the name from Hero Sword to Restored Hero Sword)
    -Cthulhu Judge
    -Crystal Vile Sword


    Added new swords:

    -Super Inflation (Credits for this sword go to HORRIOR)
    -Edge Lord (Credits for this sword go to HORRIOR)
    -Ocean Roar
    -Star Destroyer
    -Poison Sword
    -Venom Sword

    More resprites (Credits go to mutater) :

    -Sword Matter
    -Upgrade Matter
    -Lunar Orb
    -True Gem Sword
    -Stone Sword
    -Gel Blade
    -Barbarian Sword
    -Shadowbeam Sword
    -Blizzard Rage
    -Inflation (Credits for resprite go to HORRIOR)
    -Ice (Resprite was done by me)

    Other changes:

    -All Scythe weapons are now removed
    -Fixed Prism Sword (Now it's overpowered)
    -Fixed Glacial Cracker (Now it's overpowered)

    1.7: About the time, new update is here!

    Resprites for some swords and items:

    -Orichalcon (Sprite done by me)
    -Dirt Sword
    -Wooden Scythe
    -Cthulhu Judge
    -Wraith Blade
    -Ice Breaker
    -Mega Magic Sword
    -Power of the Galactic
    -Narsil (Resprite done by me)
    -Alpha Excalibur
    -Omega Excalibur
    !!!(Credits for the resprites go to Ca595 and mutater)!!!

    New swords added: !!!(Shoutout to HORRIOR for creating following swords: Inflation, Cosmo Storm, Glacial Cracker and Prism Sword)!!!

    -Copper Coin Sword
    -Silver Coin Sword
    -Gold Coin Sword
    -Cosmo Storm
    -Glacial Cracker
    -Prism Sword

    Other changes:

    -Removed Harpy Sword
    -Harpies now drop sword named Dawn
    -Changed recipe for biome swords
    -Blizzard Rage now shoots projectiles like Blizzard Staff

    1.6: Added new swords:
    -Dragon's Death
    -Kokiri Sword
    -Biggoron Sword
    -Orc War Sword

    -Fixed Doomsday drop problem on expert
    -Removed "Upgraded" swords
    -Removed Glass Sword, Cursed Hammer, Guide (As a weapon), Enchanted Sword, Crimson Axe
    -Changed sprite for Beliar Claw
    -Reduced damage for some swords
    -Some swords now require more Sword Matter and other ingredients to craft

    1.5: Added new swords:
    -Ice Breaker
    -Crystal Dart Sword
    -Cursed Dart Sword
    -Ichor Dart Sword
    -Rusty Sword
    -Magnet Sword
    -Flame Sword

    -Gnom Blade shoots different projectile now
    -Fixed Magic Sword sound
    -Fixed cursor problem when shooting multiple projectiles from swords

    1.4: Changes:
    -Works with tModLoader
    -Uriziel now has crafting recipe and got buffed
    -New crafting item: Sword Shard

    1.3: Changes:
    -Fixed orichalcon crafting recipe
    -Removed swords: Vortex sword, Solar sword, Nebula sword and Stardust sword
    -Dracula sword now shoots 3 projectiles, Dragrael shoots now 2 projectiles

    1.2: New swords added:
    -Onyx Blade
    -The Swarm
    -The Stinger
    -Star Sword
    -Power of the Galactic
    -Harpy Sword
    -The Sky Power

    -Gnom Blade shoots 5 projectiles now

    1.1: Homepage added!

    1.0: Released

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  2. acdc787

    acdc787 Terrarian

    Try to post some of the swords included plus their stats in the OP. So we have an idea of what is included.

    I like those sprites used in your banner, though. :dryadhappy:
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  3. Semente

    Semente Plantera

    Looks cool. :D
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  4. NepsterM

    NepsterM Terrarian

    can someone help me I'm trying to figure out how to download mods
    any HELPFUL tip will be appreciated
  5. Gnom

    Gnom Plantera

    If you have tModLoader go to "Web browser", then find mod you want to get and click download. After that you need reload downloaded mods.
  6. NepsterM

    NepsterM Terrarian

    I don't know how to get the tModloader
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 26, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 26, 2016 ---
    And I'm currently talking with a friend but he's not being clear
  7. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    Are the sword normal swords that just do damage or do they have some magic or something interesting?

    You should specify what they do on the main thread.
  8. HoopLoop

    HoopLoop Terrarian

    can you update for the new tmodloader vesrsion?
  9. Gnom

    Gnom Plantera

    Mod is now updated! It works with new version now. Enjoy! :happy:
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  10. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    I dont know if you know about the show but there is a cartoon called magiswords that shows a lot of strange swords each episode and I thought might help you come out with new ideas

    Here is a list
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  11. Gnom

    Gnom Plantera

    Thanks, I might try to use those someday.
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  12. HoopLoop

    HoopLoop Terrarian

    thanks, i love this mod, its one of my favourite. :)
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  13. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    could you make the weapons that require wood to be made, use any kind of wood instead just the common forest wood?
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  14. Fantolette

    Fantolette Skeletron Prime

    This is an amazing mod that adds some more utility to swords and its just amazing for classes that need strong close range weapons or just the warrior class. But i have a problem with the Vampire Blade ... the projectile aims below the cursor so i have to aim above the enemy for it to work. Could you try to fix this please ? (Btw if your wondering why i have 520 health without Life Fruits its called Dushy's Upgrade mod its pretty cool if i do say so myself) 20161217073704_1.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
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  15. Gnom

    Gnom Plantera

    Hey, thanks for comment. I have fixed that problem now but it will be included in next update which will come out soon. So remember to check if there are any updates!
  16. Fantolette

    Fantolette Skeletron Prime

    Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for fixing the bug ! Like i said its an awesome mod so keep up the good work !
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  17. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    It just .... does not fit in for me .... it's mostly the absurd amount of sword matter.

    I wish you could make sword matter craftable instead of a drop so it would not be so much in my face
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  18. Channy5

    Channy5 Terrarian

    Maybe make sword matter count as a currency or ammo so it doesn't clog up inventory? Since it is a 100% drop from any mob instead of an uncommon drop, it'll quickly become less special to make these swords if sword matter is so abundant.
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  19. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    Then making them craftable or only drop from certain monsters ( skeletons or something) so they become more special and you have to put in more effort
  20. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    The brain sword projectile only heals 1 hp is it intended to only heal 1hp?