IC Unlikely Collision


Eater of Worlds
(Well, I feel like part of that problem is most of the people in this RP aren't as active on the forums now, or have left entirely for the time being.)


Eater of Worlds
(Well I was thinking that if we do have any desire to continue here, we should at least have the group arrive at town so the newcomers can find their way around.)
(...Leave it to me, I guess... just to double check, you're never returning again after this?)
(most likely for at least a pretty long time.. shortest? Probably 6 months. Longest? 3 years, the end of highschool.

maybe like… idk.. don’t call in like an orbital strike on all of em I guess, let em like die in combat or just escape, I could have gabriel and ardaemere escape, but SwordsMachine, V1, and Niko all need out.. let’s just say VIOLENCE never happened, and Fluxx is dead from collision damage.

and if you :red:ing try and kill Niko, there will be repercussions. I’m letting that one escape for sure.)
Well, I guess SwordsMachine and V1 get... I dunno, abducted by the Order? They have no jurisdiction here, and no right being here, but whatever.
(Is that like.. the equivalent of walking at night in Detroit and being abducted into a car? (The whole point as that you are never seen again)

Im getting Niko out first, just to be safe. )
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