IC Unlikely Collision

(I guess... goodbye for likely forever?)
(I have a week.. I’m gonna mess around with my remaining characters and maybe tie some loose ends before getting them out. Feel free to take V1 and SM whenever though, they aren’t too important as of now.)

(And don’t be so sure that i’m just gonna fade away, I plan on being back. I get you probably dont see many people end up coming back, but I’ll be one of the few that does.)


Eater of Worlds
(I feel like one issue is that if it is the worst case scenario of three years, then who knows if the forums will even be active still by then, and who'd still be here.)
(screw it..)

The house containing Niko, along with Niko, suddenly vanishes. How odd.

V1 begins to wander around again.

Swordsmachine is also wandering around.

Something green and metallic comes out of a portal near the campfire group, it immediately pulls out two sword with chainsaw blades on them, which rev and heat up.

The machine laughs, it sounds quite.. unstable.

”It’s time for me to get some BLOOD.”

It begins to sprint towards the group around the campfire, alerting Gabriel.
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