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tModLoader Unusacies' Battle Rods Mod - Use special fishing rods as weapons!


So, lemme quickly inform you all of a few things, nothing negative, just some updates on the Devs lives.

Specifically, JPAN having a job now makes so his mods in general should take a bit longer to update (I am aware of the slowness of this one to update so keep that in mind).
Me personally I just take time in general doing things, programming however is mostly up to JPAN as I am terrified of programming. that in itself gave rise to the bunch of new crates that were introduced which JPAN allowed me to make (critter crate, wing crate, etc...)
With JPAN having work now updating the wiki has not been possible so far and technically was handed to me, but the wiki kind of requires a massive overhaul and I have not had the willpower to attempt it yet. (this answers @lightbowser1 's question hopefully)

Now to answer a few questions, and apologies for the delay on that:
Also, could we potentially have Post-ML rods for Calamity? Like being able to get Auric Crates that contain a minuscule amount of Auric Tesla Bar mats.
We have thought about it, but compatibility with other mods was originally kind of a secondary thing, not really super in mind. we have thought about calamity integration due to the amount of post Moonlord content but that has not happened yet.

Can the Rod Containment Unit catch Luminite Crates?
Having spoken with JPAN it should be able to, it should be able to catch all crates. though its more efficient to use the respective material rod to get that material.

How do you get Critter Crates?
From my memory (and it may be faulty as I don't really have the code to check) they should be acquired by fishing in the forest biome. but its either a late game crate or one of those very rare crates... would have to check really.

Edit: JPAN tells me its actually by fishing with a peace candle nearby, would not have figured it out myself will be real.

Not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature but fishing now seems to duplicate fished items. I've included images of the results of a single bob cast from a platinum battle rod, equipped armour and accessories (although removing them has no effect) and a list of all enabled mods. Example shows 2 bass being caught but I have also witnessed crates and other fish behaving in a similar manner. Edit: Disabling all other mods has no effect. Fish and crates still duplicate.View attachment 234113View attachment 234114View attachment 234115
While a fun effect I don't really think that was intended, I will talk to JPAN about this and see what he can do.

Edit: informed JPAN, he will look into it when he can.

Thank you all for being around, until next time cya.
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I was wondering if it was possible to add support for the leveled mod. Currently, the leveled mod doesn't register the damage you do with the battle rods and it doesn't give you any experience when you kill an enemy.


I feel like it would be cool if you gave some love to the nebula battle rod and maybe nerf the solar one to try to make all the moon-lord rods feel equally powerful but be suited for different purposes (Nebula could get mana drain, Stardust already spawns minions and Vortex already shoots bullets)
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