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tModLoader Unusacies' Battle Rods Mod - Use special fishing rods as weapons!

[✚] Dr.Shadox

Official Terrarian
Hi , i've installed to the mod few days ago and it was for a little feedback, about the mod directly and also about side-"compatible"mod.
(i only need to kill WOF for hm atm).

So first , Auto-trash mod is a must have with this mod, i can't imagine the nightmare it should be to sort all drop from crate or fishs without that so i STRONGLY suggest using it alongside your mod (and even in general tbh).
Second you should tweak the hellstone battle rod , when you fish with a lot of lure the fire bouncing ball are very noisy and a bit laggy IMO.
Lastly i didnt find any legit way to get Bee battlerod , is it removed ? (tried kill around 40 queen bee , check craft with recipe browser , tried to fish honey crate (didnt get any but i've see a "honey crate" in a cheat mod), its underpowered cuz i have the edge battlerod but i'm curious.

(ps : Joostmod is fun too with gun battle rod but they are kinda overpowered since it didnt seem to divide damage by bobs so i avoid fight with it).

Anyways the mod is very good. so congratz for your work.

Very curious to see how it will be in 1.4.

edit :
I think it should be a bit more balanced , omni lure with good rod/armor is pretty broken about damage output (even in expert + fargo eternity mod + master mod (3x hp/damage from mob)) , so i've a add some mods for my game 2

My only issue i had in game was Old Man Army.

Also craft for some lure like quad octo and so on are broken , i mean the game dont recognize asked accessory even if they all have the same prefix (both normaly and with magic storage crafting interface).

My workaround is to delete asked things and use cheat for give the expected craft result , but soon or late you may need to investigate about that.

Anyways after many years i think i've found my new favorite class.
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